Well Placement in the beginning of the game is vital to ensure proper growth of your colony.
Poor well placement

Poor Well Placement

Several key points of well placement are:

  1. Wells CANNOT be moved after being placed
  2. Well radius increases with the Tier level of the well
  3. Keep Well radius overlap to a minimum
  4. You have limited Wells to place

When deciding to place a well, one key game feature will maximize the distance between wells. This feature is the "View Building Footprints" toggle in the lower right corner of
Good well placement

Good Well Placement

the screen. When toggled, you can see the outline of the building, and everything behind it.

After clearing a location for the well, make sure you place the well as far away as possible. Because of the grid nature of the game, this will occur when both wells are in a straight line, and NOT at angles to eachother. By using the "View Footprints" feature, you can clearly see behind buildings to verify the maximum placement.

With the game still being developed, the "Coming Soon" buildings may, or may not help in your gameplay. Keeping one or two wells in reserves may allow you to gain an advantage as those features are added to the game.

In these two examples, look at the well overlap. In the first example, the wells are not placed to get maximum area coverage, and there are several gaps. When being attacked, your foe can place troops in these gaps and gain the upper hand.

In the lower example, notice that the area is covered with minimal number of wells used, and there are no unintended gaps unlike the first example.

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