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    Tier 10

    February 21, 2012 by Fanderey

    Finally got Research for Tier 10 Housing finished today (Prefabricated Housing), now it's just a matter of waiting out the upgrade for the first house (8h 53m /groan) before I can start the next research project : Tier 10 Barracks (Blitz tactics, about a week to get done, with research and upgrading the actual building /doube groan).

    There was a post on the forums detailing just how many damned Omiweave Tritanium pieces you need to fully upgrade all buildings to Tier 10, it's well above one thousand of them.. so Tier 10 will probably take about double the amount Tier 9 took.

    If the rumor that Tier 10 is the last Tier, then I suppose it makes sense to drag it out as long as possible, I hope it's not true though, I kind of like the idea of con…

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