doing your time through this game you'll have some bottlenecks when it comes to items... i'll try to list some of them here so people know what to look out for... and maybe how to avoid some of them...

Recycled Wire

Item RecycledWire

Recycled Wires is the first item you'll notice that you never have enough of... but this is only true for the first few Tiers... asking your friends to gift you Recycled Wires will really hurt you later in the game!

once you get to the to the Story Missions with the Tribals you'll be swimming in Recycled Wires... so any Recycled Wires you were gifted by friends will be a lose when you think about all the other items that you can only get through gifts that you didn't get

one way you can get some more Recycled Wires at the early stages of the game is to destroy as many Walls as you can... this is easiest in Mission battles or other non-player colonies... as soon as you have removed all the towers and most of the enemy base (if it's a mission battle be sure to leave a "target" building or two) just start attacking the Walls... if time run out you can just attack again and destroy more Walls... you can attack a non-player colony as many times as you want (till it disappear from the map at least) so make good use of it!



Mushrooms is a more critical then Recycled Wires... mostly cause you can't get Mushrooms any other way then through destroying enemy Farms (and some enemy Storages)... luckily you'll only really need Mushrooms for upgrading your Farms...

best way to get out of the Mushroom bottleneck is to attack other players as much as possible... and be sure you destroy they're Farms and come back to do it again as soon as you can

Mushrooms have a drop rate of about 1-3 from a normal player colony... making it a slow grind when you need 3 times 20...

Energy Cell

Energy Cell

Energy Cells will be the item that keep you from upgrading your Town Hall a lot... Energy Cells are also used for a lot of the things in the Scrapyard Assembly... so i'd suggest not to build any of those things as it'd be a waste of Energy Cells...

you can only get Energy Cells from enemy Town Hall buildings and the Town Hall in a player colony is mostly defended pretty well... but you can also get Energy Cells from Mutant Town Halls if it gets really bad finding easy player colony targets...

but Energy Cells aren't just tough cause of the Town Hall being a hard target... the drop rate for Energy Cells is rater low and you only get one like 10% of the time...

Metal Tube

Item MetalTubes

Metal Tubes was the reason i wanted to write this to begin with... Metal Tubes you only get through gifts from friends... and the problem is that you need A LOT OF THEM!

my suggestion is that if you don't know what you need/want your friends to gift you... just tell them to give you Metal Tubes... you'll need them...

in the Story Mission: Kill it with Fire you'll need 10 Metal Tubes... and in the Story Mission: Death from Above! you'll need 25 Metal Tubes... along the way you'll also need some Metal Tubes for upgrading some buildings

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