Intro from Ashlen Rose at the start of the game.

At the beginning of the game you first meet Ashlen Rose. She, and a few others, will help to guide you through the process of building your colony. Tier 1 takes up all of Chapter 1 and only the first 2 Quests in Chapter 2, for Quest 2-2 is actually to upgrade the Town Hall. Since everyone seemed to be concentrating on individual Structures, Components, Chapters, etc, I thought to take a different approach and help you GET STARTED by guiding you through Tier 1. After you complete Tier 1, you should have a fairly good understanding of how the game is played and can then proceed at your own pace, utilizing the other available links in this wiki as it pertains to various areas of the game.

I recommend highly that you DO explore this wiki, for it is well constructed in aiding anyone through the game. Especially useful is the Building Types section, as it gives details on what items are needed and the time, number of colonists, etc. it will take in advance of beginning any building upgrade.

In closing, I hope you find this to be useful in your journey to overcome the Wasteland. Good luck to you! Wasteland Wench (talk) 03:04, December27, 2012 (UTC)


Quest 1-1: Repair the WellEdit

Click on the ruined Oasis Hotel Well and then click RESTORE to turn it into a Well that can serve as the basis for your new Colony in the Wasteland.


Quest 1-1: Repair the Well

In this, Ashlen directs us to simply click on the Well to accomplish the repairs to the Well (which will also upgrade it to the Well of Hope after completion). Easy enough! Once repaired it will be able to support more colonists and more advanced forms of agriculture.

Spec Card-T1 Well-Main (Well of Hope)

Specifics of the T1 Well of Hope

Here we see the specifics for the Well of Hope. As you can see it will only take 3 colonists a total of 5 seconds to repair the Well... Don't blink! After being repaired, the dried up Oasis Hotel Well automatically upgrades to the Well of Hope, which gives you a  bonus of 25 for each food, water and shelter! Both Resource and Component cost is zero and you are only allowed to have 1.


Quest 1-1 Complete: Repair the Well

Quest 1-1 Complete! And you are rewarded with 40xp! You also unlocked the next quest that will allow you to continue building your colony.


Quest 1-2: Build a Stone TowerEdit

Click on the STORE button (the hammer) in the lower left and then click on the DEFENSE tab and build a Stone Tower in the indicated space.


Quest 1-2: Build a Stone Tower

Meet Ethan Tyler. You will soon learn his role in the game, but for now he is just here to help get you going. Ethan would like you to build a Stone Tower. Stone Towers deal high damage, have a moderate rate of fire, target single units and have no area affect of armor piercing ability.

Spec Card-T1 Tower-Stone

Specifics of the T1 Stone Tower

Unlike the Well of Hope, the Stone Tower will cost you to build it. As you can see it has 600 Health and requires 50 Mechanical Resources. It will take 10 Colonists 5 seconds to build and is showing a building requirement of 1 House. That can't be right, because I was obviously able to build the Stone Tower and I haven't even had the option to build a House yet It does appear that one building requirement was removed. If so, it had to be to restore the Well, since that is all I have done up to this point.


Quest 1-2 Complete: Build a Stone Tower

Quest 1-2 Complete! And look what you are rewarded with! Not only do they return the 50 Mechanical Resources you spent to build the Stone Tower, but you get 10xp as well!


Quest 1-3: Defend the WellEdit

Our Well is under attack by Raiders! Luckily we have that Tower so this should be no problem!


Quest 1-3: Defend the Well

Okay, so this happens very suddenly and is over in a flash. In fact it happened and ended so fast that all I could get was a screen shot of the Well after the attack was over. When the screen darkens and you hear war music, please don't panic. There is nothing you can do when you are under attack except grab a popcorn and watch the show! It's in the script! As the game progresses these attacks will increase in both frequency and length (but it still happens as part of the script, associated with a quest you must complete, so it's not all that common)... For now though, it's a 30 second sideshow at best!


Quest 1-3 Complete: Defend the Well

Quest 1-3 Complete! Ain't it grand to just sit there and still get the rewards?! Well it wasn't all that difficult, so I guess 20 of each resource is a good enough reward.


Quest 1-4: Attack Axle's RaidersEdit

There is a nearby camp of Raiders. We need to destroy this danger before we can truly found the Colony.


Quest 1-4: Attack Axle's Raiders

Now that Axel and his band of Raiders have invaded your turf and made their presence known by attacking your Colony, it appears that Ethan wants to take you out carousing with retaliation in mind. It's becoming pretty clear what Ethan's role is in all this. He's clearly a warmonger, as all he seems to want to do is have you build weapons and go kick someon'e butt! He has his eyes on Axle's Raiders and there's no getting around it. Suit up!


Learning to select troops for battle

Locating and entering into Axel's Raider Camp, Ethan is now going to teach you how to select your troops. The game starts you off with 10 stock Scouts. Selecting them is really quite simple. No need for me to repeat it, though. He goes through the process quite well!


Learning to deploy troops for battle

Basically, all you have to do is follow the series of arrows to deploy your Troops and get through this fight. Not a difficult process at all. I hope your trigger finger is working. You're going to need it.


Learning to attack

Now you get to see your Scouts in action... Fast little suckers, they are!


A little info about your reputation

Ethan babbles on about your reputation as you tear Axle's Raiders to shreds! It's not all that educational, but he gives more info on it a little later in the chapter and it suddenly makes sense then.


Axle's Raiders defeated!

This is your Victory Banner waving proudly in your honor! It shows you the outcome of your battle. Not only did you successfully crush Axle's Raiders, but it appears you looted quite a bit from the battle as well! To see it all click on MORE and a pop-up will display the sum of your bounty as well as details of the battle.


Quest 1-4 Complete: Attack Axle's Raiders

Quest 1-4 Complete! In this mission, not only did you have to attack Axle's Raiders, you also had to destroy them. Well done! Your reward for this mission is 20 mechanical resources and 50xp!


Quest 1-5: Build a Town HallEdit

The Town Hall is an essential part of your Colony. It allows you to research new technology and gives you important information about your Colony. Click on the STORE button (the hammer) and select the Town Hall to begin construction.


Quest 1-5: Build a Town Hall

Back at your Home Colony, Ashlen's been waiting for your return. She would like you to continue building your Colony and asks that you now build a Town Hall. The humble Town Hall is the focal point of your young colony and holds Ivan's laboratory for researching new technology and meeting space to discuss issues.

Spec Card-T1 Main Hall (Town Hall)

Specifics of the T1 Town Hall

The Town Hall costs 70 of each Resource (Biological, Mineral and Mechanical). It takes 10 colonists 10 seconds to build it, so it is a pretty fast build. The requirements shown here seem more than a little off as I have already completed both (this means that neither should be there, much less in the color red).


Quest 1-5 Complete: Build a Town Hall

Quest 1-5 Complete! It seems that the game devs were not feeling especially generous on this day. Your reward is only the return of 60 of each of your resources.


Quest 1-6: Scavenge RubbleEdit

Click on the small Rubble the arrow is pointing to, then click SCAVENGE. Once the scavenge is done click the Rubble again to gain Resources and Parts which are essential to building up your Colony.


Quest 1-6: Scavenge Rubble

Ashlen now tells us that we need to scavenge the rubble around our Home Colony. Scavenging is a good way to clear an area for growth as well as to gain resources and components to help us along in the game. Keeping a tidy Home Colony at first is relatively easy, but as you grow it becomes more difficult.


Quest 1-6 Complete: Scavenge Rubble

Quest 1-6 Complete! That was easy! For that simple task you are rewarded with 45xp!

NOTE: A word of advice regarding scavenging. Scavenge all the small rubble you like because all small rubble regenerates itself constantly on your Home Colony. However, both medium and large rubble don't regenerate. Once they are scavenged, they are gone forever and the only hope you will have of getting more will only come as you expand your water coverage area with the placement of new Auxiliary Wells. Some missions require you to scavenge both medium and large rubble. Unless it is truly in your way or unless directed otherwise, you'd be better off to leave it alone. The last thing you need is to be given a Quest in which you must scavenge medium and large Rubble only to find you have none and did not think to hold back a few Auxiliary Wells just in case of a situation such as this (which is another good habit to have, by the way).

Quest 1-7: Build a FarmEdit

Farms produce food which allows us to have a higher population. That means more Troops and more Colonists to work the Colony. Build a Farm adjacent to the Well.


Quest 1-7: Build a Farm

Ashlen now would like you to build a Small Farm. Small Farms form the basis of agriculture in the fledgling Colony. Unfortunately the Well can only support so many.

Spec Card-T1 Farm (Small Farm)

Specifics of the T1 Small Farm

As you can see, the Small Farm will take 5 Colonists about 10 seconds to complete. Once built, the Small Farm will yield you a Water Bonus of +4. As far as the requirements go, I have already accomplished 1 of the 3 listed here, so I do not know why they are still showing up in red (as if I have not done them yet). It seems to me that, as the Devs add new Chapters, Tiers, etc. to evolve the game, lower Tiers are getting glitched in very minor ways. Not necessarily a priority though, as this is only a big deal if it prevented you from building your Small Farm.


Quest 1-7 Complete: Build a Farm.

Quest 1-7 Complete! As a reward you have gained 30 Biological Resources and 30xp!


Quest 1-8: Build a HouseEdit

Building Houses gives your Colony more shelter and that means higher numbers of Troops and Colonists to work the Colony. Build a Simple Dwelling now and place it adjacent to the Well.


Quest 1-8: Build a House

Ashlen requests that we now build a Simple Dwelling. A Simple Dwelling is a basic dwelling that keeps the wind out, but little else. These buildings are the first step to establishing (founding) a Colony. Though you may have begun building on it, your Colony is not considered 'founded' until you have placed at least 1 of each structure that it takes to maintain that Colony... You're getting there!

Spec Card-T1 Housing (Simple Dwelling)

Specifics of the T1 Simple Dwelling

Here we have the specifics of the Simple Dwelling. As you can see it will take 7 Colonists a total of 5 seconds to erect the structure on to your Home Colony at a cost of 20 Mineral and 10 Mechanical Resources. Once complete, you will be given a Housing Bonus of +8 for each of this type of structure you have on your Colony. Again, the requirements make little sense, as I have clearly already built a farm and still see it listed here in red. Anything I have already done should either be listed in black or not there at all.


Quest 1-8 Complete: Build a House

Quest 1-8 Complete! Just like with the Small Farm, you can either go ahead and place your remaining 2 Simple Dwellings or wait until all the structure types you are allowed to have on T1 are in place. It really won't matter when you do it, as long as you have them all placed on your Home Colony before you upgrade to T2. If you opt not to do it at all, your Home Colony is going to be very difficult to maintain properly as you tier up.


Quest 1-9: Build an Auxiliary WellEdit

Build an Auxiliary Well to increase the buildable and scavengable area of the Colony.


Quest 1-9: Build an Auxiliary Well

Ashlen would like us to build an Auxiliary Well. Drilling an Auxiliary Well will allow us to expand the Colony with more buildable space. Be careful when placing as, once drilled, the Well can not be moved. With that in mind, it is best to scavenge a pre-selected area to place the Well first. As you can see (from the top right section of the image), I carefully selected the area in which I wanted to place the Well and scavenged it to be completely clear of rubble. This is so I could place the Well in the best possible location to get the best coverage area (which is generally in a straight line from any other Well and as far out of the current water coverage area as possible. See Well Placement for more info on this). To find the current water coverage area, simply click on any Well that is currently on your Home Colony and you will be able to tell where you should scavenge and where you should not. In the bottom right section of this image, I clicked on the eye symbol in my bottom toolbar so that I could see the footprints of my Colony. I then clicked on a Well to show the water coverage and proceeded to select and place my Auxiliary Well. The direction you choose is irrelevant, as you will eventually cover your entire available turf. Placing your Wells in a straight line and as far out as possible will lessen the number of Wells it takes to accomplish this task and you'll reveal more area a lot sooner than you would had you placed them randomly on your Hole Colony.

Spec Card-T1 Well-Small (Auxiliary Well)

Specifics of the T1 Auxiliary Well

As you can tell by the specifics of the T1 Auxiliary Well, each Well you place will have a Health of 750 and is unarmored. It will take 8 Colonists a total of 5 seconds to build and will cost you 50 of each Resource to do so. Once erected, each Auxiliary Well will yield you a Water Bonus of +15. One thing to note is that the Auxiliary Well can not be upgraded again until T4. It also has a Component Cost of 2 Car Batteries in order to complete it (which can be obtained by accepting neighbor invites, scavenging Large Rubble or as a drop from enemy Small Wells).


Finalization of T1 Auxiliary Well placement and building components needed

Before the placement of the Auxiliary Well becomes final. you will be given 2 opportunities to either confirm it's location or cancel it and re-start the placement process. This is because it truly is FINAL. Other than 'coming soon' or other non-scavengable structures already in place in the game, Wells are the only structures that can not ever be relocated, so be very careful when placing them. After you have decided to place the Well, you now have to complete it. This is the first time you will see that components are needed to complete a structure... But it won't be the last. In this case, you will need 2 Car Batteries. Car Batteries are automatically given to you, one at a time, for each friend you neighbor in the game. Therefore, if you want to progress well, I suggest you start inviting your friends to play or seek out game neighbors through others who also play the game. You won't need too many, but you will not get far without them.


Quest 1-9 Complete: Build an Auxiliary Well

Quest 1-9 Complete! You now have a little more space to begin adding the remainder of your available buildings in the Store. For accomplishing this task you are rewarded with 35 Biological and 30 Mineral Resources.


Quest 1-10: Build a Martial HallEdit

A Martial Hall is the first tier of "Barracks" structures. Barracks allow you to re-train Troops, and every tier of combat research allows you to upgrade the Barracks and build new types and stronger Troops.


Quest 1-10: Build a Martial Hall

Ethan returns to ask us to build a Martial Hall. The Martial Hall is the basic combat training building for your fledgling Colony. You can train basic Militia Units there and, over time, you can upgrade them into more advanced forms. It's really no surprise that Ethan would be the one to direct us in this task. He is all about war! Simply follow the arrows once again and you'll have a T1 Military Barracks in no time!

Spec Card-T1 Barracks (Martial Hall)

Specifics on the T1 Martial Hall Military Barracks

Here's the specifics of the T1 Martial Hall Military Barracks. In this, you can see that it will take only 3 Colonists 10 seconds to erect this structure. Once complete, it will have a Health of 400 and you will be able to begin training Troops (Clubbers & Scouts) for battle.


Quest 1-10 Complete: Build a Martial Hall

Quest 1-10 Complete! You should now be able to start training some Troops! As a reward you receive 50 Mechanical Resources and 50xp!


Quest 1-11: CounterattackEdit

We have located a staging area the Raiders are using to attack us. If we destroy it, we should stop the attacks for a while.


Quest 1-11: Counterattack

Not surprising, Ethan hangs around to direct us on our next Quest. He wants us to destroy the Raider Staging Camp. As before, we simply follow the blue arrows to accomplish this task (which is much easier to do than the last). How do I know? Well, once I click on the Camp, the pop-up that appears next to it tells me so. In between the gold leaves I can see the Camps Defense Rep is only a 2 (mine is 4). Furthermore the Difficulty Level is showing as 'easy'. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that a Base set up won't be difficult to overcome, for I have attacked many 'hard's' before with ease yet could not defeat many 'easy's' along the way. All it means is that their Defense Rep is lower than your Attack Rep. Should you see a number within the gold leaves that is rediculously low ('0' comes to mind), don't expect to gain a 'Win' on it. Odds are, you'll come out with a 'Draw' (which, for the Leaderboard Stats, basically registers as a loss anyway). But there will be plenty of time to get into more details about that later.


Details about your Reputation (part 1)

As you try to take down the Raider Staging Camp, Ethan continually interrupts the process. Seems he has chosen this moment as a good time to begin explaining more about how you lose and gain Reputation. Although it can become quite annoying, understanding this is imperative. If you didn't understand it, you'd not be careful about who you choose to attack when Ethan finally lets go of your hand.


Details about your Reputation (part 2)

In this, Ethan explains about the Reputation Bar that appears at the top of the screen in each battle you enter into. The goal is to gain Reputation in this battle by eventually taking this bar out of the negative red and into the positive blue (which occurs just after the bar passes the center area, marked here by the skull in the gold wreath).


Attacking a Raider Ramshackle Tower

Ethan orders you to destroy the Raider Ramshackle Tower. In the bottom left of this image, I included 2 images to show the process of placing your Troops before the Tower for the attack. You can not drop your Troops into an area that targets as red. Just move your Troops a little to the right, left, forward or backward until you see the white target zone. Then you can drop them to attack. In the right side of this image, you will notice that Components and Resources dropped at the precise moment the Tower was destroyed. It is not necessary to collect up these items (unless they are blocking your vision), as they will automatically be done if you hadn't done so in a specified amount of time.


Details about your Reputation (part 3)

Ethan continues to instruct you in regards to your Reputation by pointing out the fact that the Reputation Bar is moving in the positive direction upon the dismantling of the Raider Ramshackle Tower. This is how you eventually get the bar to pass into the positive blue zone and win the battle.


Details about your Reputation (part 4)

Now Ethan goes on to explain that some structures are worth more reputation than others. You can actually watch how the bar moves to determine which ones are worth more. A building's size is not necessarily the telling factor, but there are certain large buildings that definitely are worth more, mainly the Military Barracks, Town Halls and the Main Well. Also, just because a  structure has a target on top of it, that does not necessarily mean that it is worth more Reputation. Essentially all it means is these are the main structures you were sent to destroy. Destroy them all and the battle in done, whether you have crossed into the positive blue on the Reputation Bar or not.


Details about your Reputation (part 5)

NPC stands for Non Player Colonies (i.e. Raider and, later in the game, Tribal, Mutant and Robot Camps). Basically they are Bases that were created specifically by the Developers of the game to provide certain challenges to aid you in becoming stronger as you progress through the game. PvP stands for Player versus Player and represents real players of the game, such as yourself. The Leaderboard is visible by clicking on the tab at the top for it one the Game Loading Screen. There you can see how you compare to others who are invading your Territory (i.e. both NPC and PvP Bases visible on your Map). While NPC's will not attack you (unless it is part of the game script, PvP's certainly are capable of doing so, to which you can also counterattack. The Leaderboard also shows your progress in comparison to Neighbors and Globally within your Reputation Level.


Quest 1-11 Complete: Counterattack

Quest 1-11 Complete! Just like in the previous Quest in which you had to Attack Axle's Raiders, this one was broken into 2 sub-quests. You are rewarded with 100 of each Resource, plus 10 Gold!


Chapter 1 Complete

And with the defeat of the Raider Staging Camp comes the Completion of Chapter One. For the record the rewards mentioned here are simply re-iterating your reward from the Final Chapter 1 Quest (Counterattack). You are not out of Tier 1 quite yet... But you are very close!





Beginning of Chapter 2

No sooner than you complete Chapter 1 you find that you have been immediately thrust straight into Chapter 2! If you are confused because you are still on Tier 1, don't be. You are supposed to still be on Tier 1 until you are told to upgrade your Town Hall, thereby officially 'founding' your Colony... You are not far away at all.

Quest 2-1: Turn Up the Radio!Edit

There are other Colonies out there in the Wasteland. If we build a Radio Transmitter we can contact them!


Quest 2-1: Build a Radio Transmitter

Returning to your Home Colony after the last battle and you find Ashlen again waiting on you. This time she wants you to build a Radio Transmitter. You can use the Radio Transmitter to communicate with your allies and reach out to other Colonies in the Wasteland.

Spec Card-T1 Radio Transmitter

Specifics of the T1 Radio Transmitter

Here we see the specifics of the T1 Radio Transmitter. Another quick build as it will take 8 Colonists only 5 seconds to complete it. The cost for the build is only 20 Mineral and 30 Mechanical Resources... and there is zero Component cost associated with it's completion. One thing to note is that the T1 Radio Transmitter can not be upgraded again until you reach Tier 4.


Examining the T1 Radio Transmitter

Once you build your Radio Transmitter you can open it up and start communicating privately with your Neighbors. It also serves as a way for the Game Developers to send you news concerning the game, such as new Chapters, Tiers, Troops, etc. It comes in pretty handy for in-game messaging! When you open it up, this is what it looks like (minus the superimposed "Quest Completed" message I inserted to show that I did build the Transmitter). Navigating your way through it is pretty simple and really needs no explanation.


Quest 2-1 Complete: Turn Up the Radio!

Quest 2-1 Complete! You are rewarded with 25 Mechanical Resources, but now you have this nifty new contraption... and that's the best reward of all!


Quest 2-2: Upgrade the ColonyEdit


Quest 2-2: Upgrade the Colony (part 1)


Quest 2-2: Upgrade the Colony (part 2)


Quest 2-2: Upgrade the Colony (part 3)

T1 Tech9 Assembly (T2 Main Hall)

T1 Tech 9: Assembly (T2 Main Hall)


Quest 2-2: Upgrading the Colony (part 4)


Quest 2-2 Complete: Upgrade the Colony




As soon as you complete Chapter 1, you will notice a series of icons on the left side of your screen. If you click on each one you will notice that you are given a series of Side Quests that can be completed relatively quickly. It is important that you do complete these Side Quests as they are all designed to help you and your Colony grow.

Scavenge More RubbleEdit

T1 Side Quest - Scavenge More Rubble

T1 Side Quest: Scavenge More Rubble

Build a Small MillEdit

T1 Side Quest - Small Mill

T1 Side Quest: Build a Small Mill

Build a Small MineEdit

T1 Side Quest - Small Mine

T1 Side Quest: Build a Small Mine

Build a Store HouseEdit

T1 Side Quest - Store House

T1 Side Quest: Build a Store House

Speed Up ConstructionEdit

T1 Side Quest - Speed Up Construction

T1 Side Quest: Speed Up Construction

Increase Your DefensesEdit

T1 Side Quest - Stone Towers

T1 Side Quest: Increase Your Defenses

Train UnitsEdit

T1 Side Quest - Train Units

T1 Side Quest: Train Units

Water from the RoadsEdit

T1 Side Quest - Water from the Roads

T1 Side Quest: Water from the Roads

With Friends Like These...Edit

T1 Side Quest - Add Allies

Tier 1 Side Quest: With Friends Like These...




T1 ClubbersEdit

T1 Clubber stats card

T1 Clubber Stats

T1 ScoutsEdit

T1 Scout stats card

T1 Scout Stats




T1 Tech TreeEdit

T1 Tech Tree

T1 Tech Tree

T1 Tech 1: Civics (Main Hall)Edit

T1 Tech1 Civics (T1 Main Hall)

T1 Tech 1: Civics (Main Hall)

T1 Tech 2: Carpentry (Housing)Edit

T1 Tech2 Carpentry (T1 Housing)

T1 Tech2: Carpentry (Housing)

T1 Tech 3: Refining (Refineries)Edit

T1 Tech3 Refining (T1 Refineries)

T1 Tech 3: Refining (Refineries)

T1 Tech 4: Civil Engineering (Wells)Edit

T1 Tech4 Civil Engineering (T1 Wells)

T1 Tech 4: Civil Engineering (Wells)

T1 Tech 5: Combat Training (Barracks, Troops)Edit

T1 Tech5 Combat Training (T1 Barracks, Troops)

T1 Tech 5: Combat Training (Barracks, Troops)

T1 Tech 6: Pottery (Storage)Edit

T1 Tech6 Pottery (T1 Storage)

T1 Tech 6: Pottery (Storage)

T1 Tech 7: Farming (Farms)Edit

T1 Tech7 Farming (T1 Farms)

T1 Tech 7: Farming (Farms)

T1 Tech 8 Pulley (Towers)Edit

T1 Tech8 Pulley (T1 Towers)

T1 Tech 8: Pulley (Towers)

T1 Tech 9 Pulley (Towers)Edit

T1 Tech9 Assembly (T2 Main Hall)

T1 Tech 9: Assembly (T2 Main Hall)

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