Spawner Tab

CallIn/Spawn Tab
(got a better name for it?)

The Spawners is a kind of defensive trap thing, it spawns units that will defend your colony when attacked. after having build a Spawner in the Scrapyard Assembly you can place it by opening the "CallIn/Spawn Tab" on the left side of your screen right above your quests. Spawners is said to only last for 8 hours.

Ash Bear Hunting PartyEdit

Ash Bear Troops lie in wait to help defend your base. Ash Bear Tribe Hunting Party (once activated) lies in waiting to protect your base for 8 hours. If you are attacked within that 8 hour time frame, the hunting party will wipe out whatever troops are attacking you. They are an extremely effective killing army that will stop any attacking army within seconds of being attacked. ONLY USE if you know you will be attacked within that 8 HOUR time period (or use if you know you will be hit overnight when you are asleep). Once the 8 hours is up, the hunting party no longer defends your base.

Reprogrammed SafebotsEdit


Deployed safebot

These robots have been reprogrammed to defend the colony.

  • Something: don't know what to write here yet

Artillery StrikeEdit

Artillery Strikes are for also used from the same menu, so just wanted to mention it here.

Information SourcesEdit

All information i have about this really comes from this thread on the forum.
Feemer's Artillery Strike page.

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