(Unconfirmed) each tier of mission appears once you've upgraded your barracks. {C}(All early quests are missing - Coming soon)

Storage WarsEdit

Description: Attack player colonies and destroy their warehouses!

Goal: Destroy 4 enemy warehouses

Reward: 125 Reputation

Train More UnitsEdit

Description: We need to train units to defend ourselves and fight our enemies in the wastes.

Goal: Train 10 units

Reward: 50/25/25

Burn the Barracks!

Description: Some parts only come from destroying specific buildings. Destroy two enemy Barracks to loot their valuable components

Goal: Destroy 2 enemy barracks

Reward: 125 Reputation

Tier 6


Description: We've found a curious sight. A large village of tribals fighting a nearby raider camp. Even stranger there is a nearby infested colony. The sides seem to have exhausted themselves fighting one another. It's a perfect opportunity to attack!

Goal: Destroy all factions in the Warzone

Reward: 150/220/220

Anarchy in the Wasteland!

Description: Destroy 10 player town hall structures!

Goal: Destroy 10 player town hall structures

Reward: 250/0/250, 1xOld Data Discs

Ring Ring, Radiophone!Edit

Description: You can use the Radio Transmitter to send messages to your friends. Why not try it out and say hi?

Goal: Send a Message to a Friend

Reward: 14/0/12

Altered GenosEdit

Description: Scouts have returned with disturbing news: The colony of Genos, once the most powerful colony in the region, has been overtaken by mutants. This is a dire thread to the region, and we need to burn Genos to the ground immediately!

Goal: Attack Altered Genos. Destroy the Genos colony.

Reward: 500/500/500

Theater of PainEdit

Description: A dangerous group of slavers from the north called the Theater of Pain have setup a village not far from us. This kind of scum cannot be tolerated, we must destroy their village and end their existence.

Goal: Attack the Theater of Pain. Destroy the Theater of Pain village.

Reward: 250 XP, 1 Chain, 1 Target Dummy

Sharing the Love

Description: Attack 5 other players

Goal: Attack 5 other players

Reward: 0/0/250

Smash and Grab

Description: Destroy 5 enemy Warehouses!

Goal: Destroy 5 enemy warehouses

Reward: 110/0/0, 1 Mutant Hide

Tier 7

No Squatters!

Description: Scouts report that no far from here a group of raiders have reactivated and fortified an old Omega Corp processing facility. We should destroy this enemy base before they can begin to attack other locations in the wastelands.

Goal: Destroy the Reactor Facility

Reward: 2 Sensor Module, 2 Circuit Board, 1 Welding Torch

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