Rubble are ruins of buildings that have fallen doing the Great Cataclysm.

Small RubbleEdit

Small rubble

Small rubble forms naturaly over time and can be mined for small amounts of resouces and common items

  • Small rubble 1: Takes 5 colonists, and 10 seconds
  • Small rubble 2: Takes 8 colonists, and 30 seconds
  • Small rubble 3: Takes 10 colonists, and 1 minute

Medium RubbleEdit

  • Rubble
  • More rubble

Medium rubble is formed when there is a bunch of small rubble you have not removed yet have bunched up. This kind of rubble can be mined for larger amounts of resouces and uncommon items.

  • Medium rubble 1: Takes up to 10 colonists, and 5 minutes
  • Medium rubble 2: Takes up to 15 colonists, and 10 minutes
  • Medium rubble 3: Takes up to 20 colonists, and 20 minutes

Large RubbleEdit

  • Large Rubble
  • Large ruins of rubble
  • Large fallen rubble of a bridge
  • Bridge rubble
  • Fallen to the ground bridge rubble

Large rubble is the largest rubble of them all. Taking the longest but offering the largest amount of resouces and rarer items

  • 12 Large rubble: Takes up to 20 colonists, and 12 hours
  • 24 Large rubble: Takes up to 40 colonists, and 24 hours
  • 48 Large rubble: Takes up to 40 colonists, and 48 hours
  • 72 Large rubble Takes up to 40 colonists, and 72 hours
  • 96 Large rubble Takes up to 40 colonists, and 96 hours
  • Special Rubble does not count in here because it's special rubble.

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