T1 Road

Tier 1 Road

T4 Road

Tier 4 Road

Tier 7 Road

Tier 8 Road

Roads connect your Well to all of your buildings. All buildings except for your Auxiliary Wells require connection to your main well via roads. An effective road network is a critical part of base layout. Some buildings will operate with only a corner touching a road, but most buildings require a road square to touch one side of the building.

No buildings or traps may be placed on top of any roads.

Rubble will not form on top of roads.

Roads seem to have health when viewed in the build list, but they can't be targeted or attacked doing battles.

Roads changes appearance at Tier 4 (?) and Tier 7. a bug seem to be where you see other Player Colonies to always have the same Tier Road as you have.


Build Roads to connect the Water Well to the other buildings within your colony.

  • Cost: None
  • Colonists Required: 0
  • Build Time: None
  • Items Required: None
  • Health: 200
  • Armor Strength: Unarmored

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