There are two areas that you'll need to work on. The first is basic leveling up. This is done solely by building and upgrading your colony.

The other is your reputation, done with offensive and defensive combat. Every battle you win, you gain reputation, and likewise lose with each defeat. Although you'll need to attack in order to gain valuable resources and objects you must have to build and upgrade, you'll need to learn some tactics to minimized losses against well-defended opponents.


Start by always having an army at least twice what you can attack with. For example, if you can attack with 30 units, have 60 built. When attacking Renegade and Tribals, study the layout before you launch an attack. Take out the towers first. The stronger the tower, the higher it's priority to be removed. Once the towers are down, the rest is easy. It might take two, sometimes three trips to finally wipe out the colony. You'll lose some reputation on the first attack, but you'll far make up for it when you utterly destroy the enemy, plus you're picking up basic level points on each battle. Don't forget the fences! Also don't forget to use your Artillery strikes if you have some, just click the triangle below your name, level, and reputation in the battle section

Range troops are best to hit towers. Don't send every troop in from the same position! Splash damage towers will chew them up! Attack towers from a distance, minimizing other towers than can hit you. Sometimes it's best to "sacrifice" a unit to keep a 2nd tower busy while you destroy the first, then send the rest after the 2nd tower to finish it off. Troops that do heavy damage, but have light armor, are best to send in last, allowing heavier armored troops to absorb most of the damage. Once towers are destroyed, if you have to return to mop up, use the fastest troops to demolish everything still standing.

When attacking other players, study their defenses carefully...and expect hidden "traps". An obvious weakness might be a mine field waiting to do serious damage before you even get started. Have an attack plan before you launch. Troop selection and invasion point will be critical to doing enough damage to gain you points in the time. Wipe out almost everything, and you can still lose reputation points because you missed key targets. Your prime targets will always be Expansion Wells, Town Halls, Barracks, and the Oasis. Everything else is just gravy, but without those, you'll lose every time. Plan on attacking twice, and accept you'll lose reputation on the first wave. You must wipe out the towers, or the ones that are placed correctly, before you can take on the rest of the colony! Once the towers are down, if you run out of time, simply attack again and any points you lost on the first attack will be offset by your victory.


Although you won't gain resources winning defensive battles, you can gain a lot of reputation by defending successfully. Unfortunately, your army has nothing to do with it, just how well you've built, tower, wall and trap placement. As you grow, you'll constantly be moving and regrouping to minimize the chance of any successful invasion. A key point to remember is that you do NOT have to save everything, just your key structures within the allotted time. Having 3/4 of your colony wiped out is meaningless to the attacker if YOU gain the reputation points and he loses them. Focus on defending their key objectives, not saving the planet.

Towers: Always have maximum towers built!!! Read an understand each tower's strength and weakness. Look at their "footprint" for how large an area they cover, firing speed, how much damage, etc. Remember, you're not defending the area outside your colony! Centrally locating your towers, you can cover a much tighter area, plus the towers stay capable of defending each other. Farms and houses are most expendable and should be placed away from the center. Next most expendable are your refineries, then your warehouses. Most towers have a longer range than attacking range troops. Use that to your advantage. Set your walls so that an attacker stays under constant fire while trying to punch a hole in them, far enough out so you can shoot them, but they can't shoot you until they get through. Keeping your towers, and key buildings, grouped tight and surrounded by towers will prove to be a winning formula time after time. Don't forget to upgrade older towers that you plan on keeping to improve their ability to withstand attacks!!

Walls: Build and constantly upgrade as soon as you can! Have a plan on how you plan on defending your colony and place the walls accordingly. You do not need to surround the entire city with a wall, but you must protect your key structures! As you grow, consider some outer expansion wells expendable, just protect your primary structures at all cost. (Tip: Recycle old walls instead of upgrading them. You'll save a lot of resources that way!) Considering some structures are expendable, you'll also find that building a double wall enclosure, with the towers behind them, makes for a very formidable defense.

Another consideration. Every structure, with the exception of expansion wells, must be connected to the Oasis with a road, regardless of how long it is, or how much it winds around. This game isn't about building "pretty" cities, it's about building smart and protecting your colony. Until you've really expanded out, early on you'll be protecting your city core. Wrapping the city with a wall, but having structures placed outside the wall, means you'll have to have an access point from outside to inside the city...meaning if you can get out, an attacker can get in. Building pretty city blocks will give attackers direct access to your Oasis, even if it's defended. Create a maze, requiring attackers to use valuable time blasting through tower-defended walls instead of just letting them stroll in, creating havoc. Building a maze, if the attacker isn't watching, will make their troops wander around the road, taking heavy fire, while they make their way to the target. Just make 100% sure the "entrance" into the city is heavily fortified with multiple tower cover. Don't forget the traps. Clever placement counts. Study where you would attack your city from and place traps there. Don't hesitate to place some inside the city maze. You have 10 you can use, so use them all.

Remember, there's a time limit that you must use to your advantage. Plan for acceptable losses. Distance helps. As you expand, stretch it out. Having all your houses, undefended, on one end of your colony, farms on another, resources on another, and warehouses on another, with your main buildings centrally located, makes travelling from one location to another very time consuming. Your wells create barriers that an attacker must start from outside of. Some buildings make great barriers, so just because a building can be torn down doesn't mean it needs to least not early on. Successful defenses will gain you valuable reputation points, or at least be such a deterent that a smart attacker will look elsewhere....

Good luck!

written by 18:01, 27 November 2011

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