The Raider Buildings were used by the different Raider Gangs (Axle's Raiders, Motorsykos, Metal Kings, Skaards, The Kult, etc.) Like all the enemy buildings, they never changed apperance despite of upgrades.



Axle is a building?

Axle is a leader of a Raider Gang and you must destroy his building. If the building is destroyed, he is already dead lying in the bottom of the stairs.
  • Health: ?
  • Armor: ?

Raider WellEdit

Raider Well

A well...

The Raider Well is like a regular well used for expansion in the deep wasteland (with the Raider Cistern) but contains green water. (what the... ?)

Tier 1: (from Spring of Life)

  • Health: around 700
  • Armor: unarmored

Raider HutEdit

Raider Hut

A hut, not a house

The Raider Hut houses different Raider gangs and remains the same despite its Tier level.

Tier 1:

  • Health: 320 (Estimates according to the Simple Dwelling.)
  • Armor: Unarmored

Raider FurnaceEdit

This is the only raider building available to the player. You can build one in the Scrapyard.

Raider Refinery
"The Raider Furnace creates minerals faster than a standard mine, but has a lower maximum."

Tier 3

  • Health: 600
  • Armor: 15
  • Requires: 1 Rail Track, 8 Meat Hooks and 4 Armor Plates.

Raider BarracksEdit

The Raider Barracks is a building used to train the Raider Troops and looks like a mixed ball of metal with a tower at the top.

Tier 1 (From the Martial Hall info)

  • Health: 400
  • Armor: 2

Ramshackle TowerEdit

Ramshackle tower

Ramshackle! not stone!

The Ramshackle Tower is a special weak tower due to the fact there is only one of its kind and cannot even kill a couple of Tier 1 scouts (10 to be exact). This one is te Raider's favorite tower (because every Raider colony has 5 of them)

Tier 1:

Data from a regular Stone Tower.

  • Health: Around 600*
  • Damage: Weak
  • Range: Medium
  • Armor: Unarmored (and always be)
  • Rate of fire: Medium

Chompz TowerEdit

A unique tower that has a same function of a Boulder Tower. Very weak that you can destroy it first before it can kill a single troop!

Tier 2: (from Boulder Tower Info)

  • Health: 825
  • Damage: Weak
  • Range: Medium
  • Armor: Unarmored (and always be)
  • Rate of Fire: Low

Raider CatapultEdit

A Raider Catapult is a tower with weaker damage to melee units compared with the regular Rubble Catapult.

Tier 3: (from Rubble Catapult)

  • Health: 2200*
  • Damage: High
  • Range: Short
  • Rate of Fire: Moderate
  • Armor Pierce: Medium

Raider Cannon TowerEdit

The Raider Cannon Tower is unique because this is the only tower available to lower than tier 5. But still you cannot build one.

Tier 5: (from Cannon Tower)

  • Health: 5770*
  • Damage: Medium
  • Range: Medium
  • Armor Pierce: None

Raider Proton TowerEdit

What?! Raiders have a Proton Tower? According to my recent "visit" to the "Bludskull Barrio", I saw around 3 Proton Towers belonging to the Skaards.

The Kult (Can be seen on a Tier 7 Side Mission) has one also too but I am not sure with this one.

Tier 7: (from Proton Tower)

  • Health: 13600
  • Damage: Low
  • Range: Medium (even though all Snipers take them away safely)
  • Armor Pierce: None
  • Rate of fire: Very High

Range Approximates:

  • Ramshackle: 330
  • Chompz: 310
  • Catapult: 210
  • Cannon: 350
  • Proton: 260

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