TIER 11Edit

Thorium ReactorsEdit

Nuke defense

Thorium is incredibly abundant. If we develop a reactor capable of using it as fuel, we increase the power we generate greatly.

  • Cost: 2400BIO 3600MINERAL 4800MECH
  • Research Time: 116:40:00 (5 days 2 hours 40 minutes)

Nuclear BallisticsEdit

Defense nuke tech

Developing a nuclear projectile will allow us to efficiently defend the colony from attack.

  • Cost: 2400BIO 3600MINERAL 4800MECH
  • Research Time: 127:46:00 (6 days 1 hour 46 minutes)

Fission BatteriesEdit

Nuke storage for producing resources for offense

A potentially breakthrough way to power both the colony and militia is to create battery sized fission devices.

  • Cost: 2400BIO 3600MINERAL 4800MECH
  • Research Time: 133:20:00 (5 days 12 hours 20 minutes)

Capacitor ChainsEdit

Capacitor chain

We can create some devastating infantry weapons if we develop ways to safely harness power for troops.

  • Cost: 2400BIO 3600MINERAL 4800MECH
  • Research Time: 152:46:40 (6 days 9 hours 46 minutes 40 seconds)

Reactor ScalingEdit

Atlas mech

If we can scale down a reactor to make it small enough we can develop deadly vehicles.

  • Cost: 2400BIO 3600MINERAL 4800MECH
  • Research Time: 144:26:40 (6 days 26 minutes 40 seconds)

TIER 12Edit

Advanced Surge PowerEdit

Nuke tech 12

Unlock the secret of Advanced Surge Power. Now there is a surplus of power at your disposal to conquer the Wasteland.

  • Cost: 7000BIO 7000MINERAL 7000MECH
  • Requirements
    • Tech: all Tier 11 Nuclear Techs
    • Buildings: Adv. Control Command (Tier 12 Barracks), Offense Power cell, Defense Power cell
  • Research Time: 01:00:00 (1 hour)


Turbine nuke

We can increase our effectiveness if we make our turbines more efficient, removing friction and overheating problems with new models.

  • Cost: 2400BIO 3600MINERAL 4800MECH
  • Research Time: 48:00:00 (2 days)

Byproduct RecyclingEdit

Nuke defense 2

These little boy pack a punch, but I think if we add some nuclear by-product we can increase the weakening effect they have.

  • Cost: 2400BIO 3600MINERAL 4800MECH

Power AccelleratorsEdit

Defense powercell nuke 2

We can boost amount of power in our batteries by learning how to accellerate the power output.

  • Cost: 2400BIO 3600MINERAL 4800MECH
  • Research Time: 48:00:00 (2 days)

Nuclear JetpacksEdit

Tier 12 troops with resources

We've created an internal power source for our troops. My instincts tell me our best use for it would be to create jetpacks!

  • Cost: 2400BIO 3600MINERAL 4800MECH
  • Research Time: 48:00:00 (2 days)

Advance Mecha DesignEdit

Atlas mecha2

We've got the Atlas developed, now lets iterate on the design and make it even better.

  • Cost: 2400BIO 3600MINERAL 4800MECH
  • Research Time: 48:00:00 hrs (2 days)

TIER 13Edit

Mega PowerEdit

Mega nuke power

Further increase your power potential of your colony.

  • Cost: 7000 BIO 7000 MINERAL 7000 MECH
  • Requirements
  • Research Time: 01:00:00 (1 hour)

TIER 14Edit



  • The time to choose
  • Advanced Power Discovered
  • Congratulations
  • Tier 11 tech tree

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