Components (i.e. items) are a kind of second resource, almost all buildings and Scrapyard Assembly recipes need components. Components are stored in your inventory (backpack) for when you need them.

Components ListEdit

Item Acquired From Price (Gold) Used In Image
Algae Pool Scrapyard Biomass AP: Used in Compressors to generate portable biomass energy Algae Pool
Armor Plate Scrapyard, Raider Buildings Making Raider Furnaces in Scrapyard Assembly, Upgrade Barracks to T10 Item ArmorPlate
Atmospheric Condenser Scrapyard Assembly T10 Well and T10 Auxiliary Well Atmospheric Condenser
Bicycle Spokes Enemy Mills Upgrading Mills Bicycle Spokes
Black Powder Enemy Towers Upgrade Towers Black Powder
Blasting Caps Enemy Towers and Walls T4 Barracks, Rubble Catapult, Tower Blasting Cap
Bowling Ball Daily Gift Making Strikers and Ash Bear Hunting Parties in Scrapyard Assembly Item BowlingBall
Car Battery Accepting neighbor invite, Scavenging large rubble, Enemy Auxiliary Well 50 T1 - Auxiliary Well (2) Item CarBattery
Centrifuge Scrapyard Nuclear AP: Powers Nuclear Power Plants Centrifuge
Chain Daily Gift 5 Scrapyard and Refinery upgrades, T2 Mill upgrade Chain
Chainsaw Scrapyard Assembly Assembling Units Chainsaw
Chemical Mixer Scrapyard Biomass AP: Used in Methane Storage to conserve biomass power Chemical Mixer
Chemical Sprayer Scrapyard Biomass AP: Used in biomass Towers and Vehicles Chemical Sprayer
Circuit Board Robots, Robot Structures Assemble Mainframe Computers Item CircuitBoard
Compact Reactor Scrapyard Assembly Used to build T10 Central Command and some T10 Towers Compact Reactor
Construction Kit Construction Kit
Containment Shell Containment Shell
Data Cube Data Cube
Data Matrix Scrapyard AP: Creates Advanced Power Buildings Data Matrix
Data Pad T8 and higher Town Halls Assemble Mainframe Computers Data Pad
Desert Suit Everywhere? Clan Battles Desert Suit
Detonating Cord Detonating Cord
Diamond Saw Blade Enemy Mines Upgrading Mines Diamond Saw Blade
Earthen Pottery Enemy Small Plants Farms and Well upgrades Earthen Pottery
Electric Motor Small Enemy Mills & Refineries Upgrading Mills Electric Motor
Electric Wires High tier Towers and Barracks Upgrading high tier Towers Item ElectricWires
Energy Cell Enemy Town Halls & Town Centers Town Hall upgrades, Various Scrapyard Assembly Items Energy Cell
Engineered Bacteria Scrapyard Biomass AP: Used to generate volatile gasses to power the Methane Spire Engineered Bacteria
Field Inverter Scrapyard Create the Tesseract Warehouse Field Inverter
Firing Mechanism Everywhere? Clan Battles Firing Mechanism
Fishing Wire Daily Gift Making Longbowman in Scrapyard Assembly Item FishingWire
Fission Battery Scrapyard Nuclear AP: Used in Nuclear powered Towers and Vehicles Fission Battery
Focusing Lens Scrapyard Solar AP: Used in Solar Photon Generators Focusing Lens
Fuse Colony houses t8 or higher Upgrading high tier housing Item Fuse
Fusion Power Cell Robot Generators, Robot Storehouses, T10 Supply Depot Item FusionPowerCell
Gas Can rubble Making units in Scrapyard Assembly Gas Can
Genetically Modified Seeds Scrapyard Assembly Making T10 Lazarus Garden Genetically Modified Seeds
Gold Nugget Use gold 1 Upgrading Colony Gold Digger, Buying some Scrapyard Troops Gold Nugget
Gyroscope Making Big Time Bombers in Scrapyard Gyroscope
Hand Sanitizer High tier Housing Item HandSanitizer
Handsaw Scrapyard Making Tribal Ateliers in Scrapyard Assembly Handsaw
Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger
Hydraulic Pump Rubble, Enemy Wells Hydraulic Pump
Ice Tray Enemy Housing Ice Tray
Junction Box Scrapyard Upgrading T10 Prefabricated Houses and some other buildings. Junction Box
Kitchen Knives Daily Gift Making Spearmen & Knife Fighters in Scrapyard Assembly Kitchen Knives
Magnifying Glass Enemy Sludge Tower, T3 Towers Towers Item MagnifyingGlass
Mainframe Computer Scrapyard Assembly Used to build the Capitol Building Mainframe Computer
Meat Hook Raider Buildings Making Raider Furnaces in Scrapyard Assembly Meathook
Metal Remnants Metal Remnants
Metal Tubes Scavenging special Rubble, Daily Gift 5 Higher tier Barracks and Refineries, things made in Scrapyard Assembly, Towers Item MetalTubes
Microwave Dish Scrapyard Nuclear AP: Powers Capacitor Production Factories Microwave Dish
Modular Components Modular Components
Moisture Vaporator Colony wells T8 or higher Assemble Atmospheric Condenser Moisture Vaporator
Mushroom Enemy & Advanced Farms 15 Farms upgrades, Tier 6 Mills. Mushroom
Mutant Hide Enemy Warehouses, Mutant Buildings 15 Warehouse and Speaking Stone upgrades Item MutantHide
Mutant Slime Mutant Buildings Making Plague Towers in Scrapyard Mutant Slime
Mutant Tooth Daily Gift, Mutant Buildings Item MutantTooth
Nanites Tt8 and higher Refineries Item Nanites
Novelty Mug Enemy Housing or Storage 10 Housing upgrades Item NoveltyMug
Nuclear Fuel T8 and higher Towers and Barracks Assemble Compact Reactors Item NuclearFuel
Nuts and Bolts Medium Rubble Tower upgrades, T3-T4 Refinery upgrades Nuts and Bolts
Old Book High tier Town Halls 20 Tier 8 Town Hall, Mainframe Computers Item OldBook
Old Data Discs Enemy City Hall Assemble Mainframe Computers, Upgrade Town Hall Old Data Discs
Old Tires Enemy Storage Upgrading Storages Old Tires
Omniweave Tritanium Large, high tier Buildings Upgrade buildings to T10 Omniweave Tritanium
oPhone OPhone
Plastic Explosives Enemy Barracks Making Cluster Mine in Scrapyard Item PlasticExplosives
Portable Reactor Portable Reactor
Potato High tier Farms Item Potato
Processor Scrapyard AP: Used to create Advance Power Buildings Processor
Propane Tank Enemy Workshops and Scrapyards Workshop Upgrade, Used to build Prototype Pyro in Scrapyard Propane Tank
Rail track Raider Buildings, Rubble Making [Raider Furnace]]s in  Scrapyard Item RailTrack
Recycled Wire Small Rubble, Daily Gift, Walls, Tribal Sentry Towers 15 Farms, Tower and Well upgrades Item RecycledWire
Robot Memory Module Robot Memory Module
Rope LargeRrubble Upgrading Well Rope
Rugged Gear Rugged Gear
Rusted Axle Rubble Mid level Farms, Assembling Units in Scrapyard Rusted Axle
Rusted Brake Disc High tier Refineries Item RustedBrakeDisc
Sensor Module Sensor Module
Sheet Metal Small rubble, Daily Gift Upgrading Towers Sheet Metal
Shipping Container T8 or higher Storage Item ShippingContainer
Soap High tier Wells 20 Upgrading T8 Well Item Soap
Solar Battery Scrapyard Solar AP: Used to power Solar Towers and Vehicles Solar Battery
Solar Mirror Scrapyard Solar AP: Used to create Apex Foci Solar Mirror
Solar Panel T8 or higher Farms Item SolarPanel
Stone block Tribal Buildings Item StoneBlock
Straw Tribal Buildings, Daily Gift Making Tribal Ateliers in Scrapyard Assembly Item Straw
Stuffed Animal Medium Housing 15 Upgrading Housing Item StuffedAnimal
Styrofoam Styrofoam
Superconducter Superconducter
Survival Pack Everywhere? Clan Battles Survival Pack
Tank Round Enemy Stone Towers and Walls Boulder Tower Tank Round
Tank Tread Scrapyard Used to build tanks in Scrapyard Assembly Tank Tread
Target Dummy Enemy barracks, Complete one of the side quests Making Artillery Strike in Scrapyard Assembly Item TargetDummy
Thermal Inverter Scrapyard Solar AP: Used to power Solar Power Plants Thermal Inverter
Thorium Scrapyard Nuclear AP: Creates Nuclear Transformers Thorium
Tin Cans High tier Warehouses Higher level Storage Item TinCans
Ultrawire Scrapyard Used to develop T12 Buildings Ultrawire
Universal Constructor Scrapyard Build Advanced Refineries Universal Constructor
Water Filter Small enemy Workshop & Foundries Water Filter
Water Pump Enemy Main Well 15 Upgrading Well , making Plague Towers in Scrapyard Assembly Item WaterPump
Welding Torch Scrapyard, Robot Factories Item WeldingTorch
Wood Plank Small enemy Mines & Forges 10 Upgrade Workshops Wood Plank
Worn Car Spring Rubble Making Gyrocopters in Scrapyard Assembly Worn Car Spring
Wrench Daily Gift 5

Upgrade storage and Towers

Item Wrench

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