Founding a ColonyEdit


Hello to anyone reading this story, i have decided to write of my experinces so that furture generations can read it and learn of our suffering to bring civilization to this chaotic world. While on my travels with the group, we discovered water and so we created a simple colony to live in. However raiders attacked us, but we held them off and killed most of them. We tracked their defeated force back to their camp, and then we attacked. Victory was ours and we won the battle agaist this group of raiders, but I knew that we had more battles incoming to fight for our survival.

March of the MotorsykosEdit

Death to the raiders

While we were building the colony and training new fresh troops to fight for the survival of the colony. We saw more raiders who had raiding on their minds, so we decided to raid them first. Victory was once again ours and we had built the colony to a point where it could be considered a small town in the old world, but the old world was dead.

Lost Treasure of OmegaEdit

Tribals c3.1
Mutants c3.2
The victory we earned agaist the raiders had revealed info about a old omega treasure. So we looked for it everywhere, we got attacked, we met with tribals, we killed more raiders, and our search lead us to a mutant-infested omega base called Devil's Den where we proceeded to decimate and burn the entire thing to the ground in our search for the treasure.

Popular with the LocalsEdit

Shooting tribals c4.2
Tribals overlooking us c4.1
We had entered a building era where we built and built and yet again trained new troops for the colony. We decided that there were too much raiders around so we wasted them all and raided their base. Soon when we got home we were attacked by the Stone tribe, so we decided to finish them too. When the battle was over we found that the god they were whorshipping was an omega-building... thing... but we took it's scematics and now we store resources inside it.

Problem with PiratesEdit

Who is she c5.1
The leader leaves c5.2
The Saleoarz attacked us! We weren't prepared to be attacked seeing as how we were looking for the treasure. The Saleoarz attack didn't cause much damage through, so we waged war on them and showed them what happens when they mess with us. Soon their city fell and their leader left with her remaining forces, but our leader Ethan Tyler went away on a motercycle to someplace else. It was a major blow for us... i believe he thinks he has nothing to live for now that Cap'n Ezma (his wife and leader of the Saleoarz) is dead (we never told him the truth...).

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