Clans are in short colonies who have banded together to serve the greater good... nah i'm just messing with you, but people band together to form Clans so they can participate in Clan Battles, and get Rewards depending on the level on their clans... however to make or join a clan you need a War Room

To learn more about Clan Battles go here

To get rewards just click on your war room and click collect reward

If you have a Clan post it on this page ----> Player Clans

Inside the War RoomEdit

When you go inside the war room you will see a window with mutiple
War room activity section

sorta like this

tabs and the activity page

Activity PageEdit

The Activity page shows recent battles, points contributed and who collected the daily reward, the Activiy page picture is up there by the way

Members PageEdit

The members scetion

Tada!.... but really I have like 15000 points.

The members page shows all the members of your clan, their clan points, ranking in the clan, and you can view their base.

Ranking pageEdit

The ranking section

i'm level 3 with 35015 points actually

Here you can see your clans ranking.... not much else...

Clans BattlesEdit

The clan battles section

wow... it's empty

Here you can participate in wars agaist other clans and you can view open battles or create new battles so you can win coustruction kits to build those MK units you always wanted.

Clan BenefitsEdit

Coming soon lan benifits

"Coming soon!"'s been like 2 months


Clan StatsEdit

Clan stats

see! I told you!

These are on the side of the window and will never go away till you exit the war room, it shows your clan's territory amount, clan founder, how many memebers your clan has, your clan level, your Clan's name, your level, your points, your clan's points, your clan's picture, and a red button that makes you leave your clan.

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