To The Front 000
This FINAL section will show you some of the Rewards for BOTH Winning and Losing a Clan Battle. It appears Crowdstar was gracious enough to award prizes of participation even if you did not win the Battle, making playing in Clan Battles something worthy of at least trying.


Clan Battles 044
Naturally THIS was the result of the Battle in previous screen shots on this Tutorial. I don't know why it bothers to drop yet another OMEGA REACTOR at this point in the game since, just like with the unused Soldiers and Supplies shipped to the Front Line, they will not roll over into the next Battle. The fact that they are GONE FOREVER is a VERY GOOD REASON to PLAN and and be VERY STRATEGIC right down to the last shipped Scout. The ONLY consolation in regards to this is that anything in Que remains in Que from the point they left off when the Battle ended. Also, anything that has been Produced but not yet Shipped WILL BE AVAILABLE for the next Clan Battle you enter into.

Clan Battles 045
This confirms "what's his name" was eliminated in this Battle.

Clan Battles 046
And THIS is my REWARD! I will IMMEDIATELY be transported back to my HOME COLONY and can opt to enter another Battle or take a breather from Clan Battles for a little bit.

Clan Battles 047
Going in to my Clan's War Room, I can see that the Clan has also been notified of my Opponents demise in Battle... and the Clan has ALSO been REWARDED for my efforts with 10 new territory (10 territory per player in any one Clan Battle).


Clan Battles 048
Well, if your are going to WIN some, you are ALSO going to LOSE some. THIS is what you see if you should LOSE one of your outposts. It's sad, I know!

Clan Battles 049
And, as your allies are wiped away, THIS is what you see for EACH one who is.

Clan Battles 050
And THIS is what you see if you LOSE your Main Colonist Post... How ominous 'YOU WERE ELIMINATED'... Indeed!

Clan Battles 051
And, for the BIG BOO, THIS confirms that you have LOST the Clan Battle... But, hey! Look at the NIFTY consolation prizes!

Clan Battles 052
And, here we see that your Clan is notified via the War Room of your disgraceful LOSS!... And you can bet your right arm that BOTH Clans were talkin' 'bout this one! It was a REAL NAIL BITER, I tell ya!

THIS CONCLUDES MY TUTORIAL ON CLAN BATTLES! I hope you found it very helpful in your quest to overcome the Wastelands!... And PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PASS THIS WIKI ON TO ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS - Wasteland Wench ;-)

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