To The Front 000
With my Main Colonist Outpost and my Sub-Posts well fortified and my Soldiers and Supplies shipped, the time has come to End this Clan Battle!


Clan Battles 040
Using the tab in the upper right corner, I can pull out my Map Grid to see the progress I have made thus far. Based on the Grid Pattern, I calculated that I only needed to Ship myself one Sub-Post (since the game DOES NOT require you to lay CLAIM to an Opponent's Main Colony Outpost once it has been destroyed by you). I also can see that my Opponent IS NOT currently online because only my little green light is lit up by my avatar in the bottom bar (a GRAVE mistake on his part). Had he been online, this Battle would likely have been an adrenaline rushed race to the finish!

Clan Battles 041
This is a close-up view of both my Top Bar and my Map Grid. In the Top Bar, you can see what appears to be 2 dog paw prints. This indicates that I now have 2 Posts (my Main Outpost plus 1 Sub-Outpost). I also can see that my Opponents Clan Name is RAMBO.


Clan Battles 042
After Attacking and Claiming just one more Outpost, I arrive at my destination! Because of my Opponent's lackluster participation in this Battle, this base BELONGS TO ME NOW... And I do believe I shall take what is mine!

Clan Battles 043
As I launch my FINAL ATTACK on my Opponents Main Outpost, I notice that he did nothing much in preparation for my arrival. The base goes down in a flash! Turned out I shipped too many Soldiers for this task. These Soldiers, whether actually used or not, will be GONE FOREVER once this Battle is Complete. Regardless of that fact, it is far better I have too many than not enough! The Components I will need to create more are much too easy to come by to risk losing the Battle by cutting my own throat during Shipping.


Clan Battles Tutorial 7: Pleasure and Pain in Both Victory and Defeat

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