To The Front 000
Now that the Battle is in Motion and we have returned to our Home Front to do a little fighting for Components so that we can create Troops and Supplies to use on the Front Line, it's time we started the process (which is really quite simple once you get the hang of it)!


Clan Battles 032
We open up the SUPPLY DEPOT by clicking on the rifles icon on your bottom bar from either your Home Colony or from the Front Line. Notice how I keep the Production Que full (even if it is just with Walls). Keeping your Que full as often as possible during a Clan Battle will ensure that more product is ready for shipment by the time you can ship to the Front Line.


  • In Production, all you need to do is click on BUILD under the Structure or Soldier you wish to produce.
  • Some items (such as Towers) are built only 1 at a time to fill 1 Que Slot while other items (Walls, Plasteel Mines, Soldiers) are built in multiples of 5 or 10 per Que Spot. The time shown on each item is how long it takes to build ONLY 1 of that item, so some slots may take up to 10x that long to be produced.
  • You can also opt to build less than the usual unit amount of each item that builds in multiples simply by pressing the START button for that item when it reaches the number you wish to produce.
  • To see what is needed to produce each item, simply click on DETAILS for that specific item.
  • Please be diligent about checking the time left to ship and be sure to ship precisely when it is time to, or it may cost you the Battle.

Clan Battles 033
Now it is time to ship. Returning to your SUPPLY DEPOT, you will notice that a certain number of points have been assigned to limit the size of shipments. (points allowed are shown under the ? in this screen shot). Simply choose which items you wish to ship until you have maxed out the points you are allowed to use, then click SHIP PACKAGE and the timer will re-set for the next ship time. The items you selected to ship will immediately be seen as being DELIVERED and can be used in the battle right away.


  • It is important to know that you CAN NOT ship any item that is a higher tier than your Main Colony Outpost (even if you see that item in the Shipping Que, which was most likely left over from prior Clan Battle productions that were never shipped to the Front Line), so please make sure you have not selected an item that would cause your shipment to fail, as this can also cost you the Battle.
  • POINTS are assigned based on ship time chosen as follows:
    • 3h Ship = 100 Points
    • 6h Ship = 200 Points
    • 12h Ship = 300 Points
    • 24h Ship = 500 Points


Clan Battles 034
Now that my shipment is complete, I want to extract Plasteel from my Plasteel Mine on my Main Colonist Outpost so that I may complete some of my Towers. Once I extract whatever Plasteel this Mine has produced so far, the timer will re-set to begin the countdown process all over again. Remember that it takes about 1 hour to produce 10 Plasteel from 1 Plasteel Mine.

Clan Battles 035
Now I'm going to open my INVENTORY again to choose more Towers to fortify my Main Colonist Outpost. You DO NOT have to do this if fortifying any of your Posts is NOT part of your strategy. Some opt to fortify their CLAIMED Outpost instead. Either way, the process for doing this is the same.

Clan Battles 036
And here you will see I have placed a TOTAL of 6 Towers to defend my Main Colonist Outpost. I do, however, need to COMPLETE some of them.

Clan Battles 037
By right clicking on each Tower, I am offered the option to COMPLETE construction. ALL of these towers will be T2 Towers and will take 5 Plasteel to COMPLETE. It appears that +5 Plasteel is required for each Tier Upgrade hereafter (i.e. T3 = 10 Plasteel, T4 = 15 Plasteel, T5 = 20 Plasteel, etc.)

Clan Battles 038
Using the EYE (the same as s in your Home Colony), I can now see the FOOTPRINTS of my Main Colonist Outpost, as well as the water supply.

Clan Battles 039
And THIS is what it looks like upon completion. My Outpost has been fortified and I am ready to track down my opponent!


Clan Battles Tutorial 6: Going In For The Kill

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