To The Front 000

Now that we have Scouted an Outpost, we are ready to launch an Attack upon it. This is where the fun truly begins!


Clan Battles 021
I have opted to ATTACK this RAIDER POST from the Front Line. Remember that you can also ATTACK it from within the Outpost itself. No matter where you launch your ATTACK, you will next see this screen. Just like when I chose which Soldiers I wanted to SCOUT with, I will now choose which Soldiers I want to ATTACK this Post with. After I select my Soldiers, I will then click on ATTACK and be transported back to the Post and will then proceed in my ATTACK just like any other.

NOTE: If you DID NOT upgrade your Main Post you will only be allowed to choose 1 unit (10 Soldiers) to bring into battle. If you DID upgrade, you will be allowed to bring up to 2 units (20 Soldiers) in. Your battle strategy is completely up to your own discretion. As you Tier up your Main Colonist Outpost, you will be allowed additional units to bring into the battle (just like in the regular portion of the game).

Clan Battles 022
This is the Outpost under ATTACK. Notice I went in a sweeping motion, FIRST taking out the Fire Cannon Tower, then the left Stone Tower and I am heading out to take out the right Stone Tower next. In this Post set up, it is best to take down ALL 3 Towers before dismantling the Colony Outpost. (Your Soldiers will naturally gravitate towards the Pods as well, but there is no gain in taking them down. It is more important to take down all the remaining structures before the clock runs down to 00:00).

TIP: There is a trick to obtaining additional OMEGA REACTORS, since the game does not have enough Outposts to yield you what you may need to Upgrade your Main & Claimed Colony Outposts (as well as have access to more and higher tier'd Soldiers and Towers). All you have to do is LEAVE JUST ONE TOWER STANDING when attacking an Outpost. The demolition of the Main Building on that Outpost is what will trigger the release of ONE OMEGA REACTOR. If you leave ONE TOWER STANDING (preferably a Stone Tower), that Main Building will regenerate so you can ATTACK this base again & again. Yes, you will LOSE the initial battle, but you will have GAINED an Omega Reactor in the process. If you do the math correctly, you should be able to do this 1-2 Soldiers at a time after the initial Attack. Make sure you leave enough Soldiers to Destroy the Post so you can then CLAIM it. I always go in & hit the 3rd Stone Tower down just until there is barely any red bar left, this way finishing the task doesn't require too much time or too many Soldiers on my final run through that Post. It is tricky because you have to position your Soldier(s) out of the line of fire from the single Tower left behind as the Main Building in repeatedly dismantled in several consecutive Attacks. The best Outpost to do this in is the one that is diagonal of your Main Colonist Outpost going TOWARDS your Opponent, as it only has 1 Cannon Tower (which is much harder to take down). It is also best to use Scouts/Vanguards & the like for these attacks, as they have more range for attacking the Main Building and will be easier to place out of the direct firing line of the Tower left behind. However, the T2 Crushers can also do the job if you micro manage them to run as soon as you hear the Tower trigger itself to fire upon you, then re-position yourself to try from another angle. This may take some practice, but is VERY EFFECTIVE in building Omega Reactors for Upgrades.

Clan Battles 023
Sometimes you may not completely take all structures down in the time allotted OR your Soldiers get killed off in their attempt to take the Post down. If this should happen, you will see THIS pop up once the attack attempt is over. You are at liberty to IMMEDIATELY try again, should you have the forces and desire to do so. (Notice that in this screen shot, though I lost the battle, I did gain 1 Omega Reactor. This was deliberate on my part for the reason indicated in the TIP I left above).

Clan Battles 024
The Raider Outpost, once attacked at least once, will reveal a series of target icons for each attempted attack. If you mouse over the target, it will reveal what kind of Soldiers survived the attack and are now 'on hold' to the Post, as well as how many there are. It will also reveal how long these Soldiers will be 'on hold' by the Post.

NOTE: The length of time your Soldiers are held to a Post solely depends on the set ship timer of the battle. Though I am not 100% sure, a rough estimate of Attacking Soldier's 'hold time' is approximately 3/4 of the time of the shipment timer. For Soldiers used to Scout, this timer is roughly 1/2 the time allotted for shipments.

A close estimate would be:

  • 3h Ship = 1h 30m (Scout) and 2h 30m (Attack)
  • 6h Ship = 3h (Scout) and 5h (Attack)
  • 12h Ship = 6h (Scout) and 9h (Attack)
  • 24h Ship = 12h (Scout) and 18h (Attack)

This information is good to know because you can calculate your attacks to allow time for your Soldiers to be returned to you before it is time to ship again (all you have to do just before an attack is look at your SHIPPING tab in your SUPPLY DEPOT to see if you have at least the time it takes to return your troops left on the ship timer).


Clan Battles 025
Upon taking down ALL of the structures on the Post, you wll see this pop up at the end of the attack. Notice that you have been rewarded 1 Omega Reactor (for taking out the Main Post Building) on the Raider Post. This is how you acquire said Reactors to do your Colony Post Upgrades throughout the Battle.

With that said, you now would press CLAIM to claim this Post.

NOTE: Some people opt NOT to ATTACK and CLAIM a Post this early in the game because there really is no way to make use of the Plasteel Mine Pod until after the first shipment. I, however, would rather attack it now and have the Soldiers used in the attack returned to me & readily available for attacking another Post by the time ship time arrives (as opposed to tying them to being 'on hold' to a Post that I could have claimed hours earlier).

Clan Battles 026
Going back into your INVENTORY, you would now choose to USE your stock Sub-Outpost and place it so that the blue circle encompasses as many of the Plasteel Pods as you can. This will insure that water CAN be supplied to your Plasteel Mines once you have planted them on these Pods. As an alternative, you could opt to place your stock Plasteel Mine on your Main Colonist Outpost. However, if you chose that, I'd hope you'd have had it in place BEFORE any Attacks on an Outpost (giving it more time to work in your favor to produce Plasteel).

Clan Battles 027
THIS is the FIRST confirmation you will see to verify that the Sub-Outpost is placed EXACTLY as you want it to be. If this is so, simply press CONFIRM. If not, click CANCEL & go back into your INVENTORY to USE and then re-position your Sub-Outpost where you want it to be.

Clan Battles 028
THIS is the FINAL confirmation you will see to verify that the Sub-Outpost is placed EXACTLY as you want it to be. If this is so, simply press CONFIRM, If not, click CANCEL & go back into your INVENTORY to USE and then re-position your Sub-Outpost where you want it to be.

Clan Battles 029
THIS is CONFIRMING that you HAVE CLAIMED a Post. You can opt to SHARE this info with your neighbors or you can simply click OKAY to exit this Confirmation.

Clan Battles 030
Now you want to open your INVENTORY and USE your stock Towers to protect this new Sub-Outpost and Roads to supply water from the Sub-Post to the Towers (that is, provided you want to use these Towers here. Some opt to load ALL stock Towers as protection for their Main Colony Outpost).

Clan Battles 031
And this is how a CLAIMED & stocked Sub-Outpost looks (before Plasteel Mine Placement). Notice the Boulder Tower is still in construction rafters and the Stone Tower will also be the same. This is because you will NOT initially have enough Plasteel to complete construction on these Towers just yet. After the Plasteel Mine (which I actually placed on my Main Colony Outpost) has been in production for 1 hour, you should be able to extract the Plasteel to complete the construction of both of these T2 Towers.

NOTE: Returning to the Front Line Map, you will notice that the Outpost you CLAIMED now has your avatar photo in place of the photo indicating it is now your Sub-Post. If you had NOT claimed it, it would sit with a plain green coloration showing that it is NEUTRAL. You NEVER want to leave any Post NEUTRAL, for this can easily be claimed by anyone who plops a Sub-Post on the property, regardless of whether they fought for it or not.

Now you will have plenty of time before Ship Time. This is when you go back to your HOME COLONY and fight as you usually do to build up the COMPONENTS you will need to be able to create Soldiers and Supplies to send to the Front Line,as these COMPONENTS can only be obtained on the Home Front.


Clan Battles Tutorial 5: Creating & Shipping Supplies and Fortifying the Front Line

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