To The Front 000

After tending to your Main Colonist Outpost and before you can actually fight, it is IMPERATIVE that you understand a few more things. Therefore, I am including this information to help you understand things on the Front Line a little better.


Clan Battles 012
THIS is a Map Grid of a 1x1 (or 1 on 1, 1 vs. 1, etc.) Clan Battle. It is a standard 4x4 Grid. I have taken the liberty of filling in the Grid Lines which are not visible until you work your way to opening up more visibility on both the Front Line and on the Map Grid itself. For all intents and purposes I have also labeled the grids with letters (representing the Grid areas going down) and numbers (representing the Grid areas going across).

Based on this Map Grid, my Main Outpost is located in the D4 Grid and you can bet your bippy that my opponent's Main Outpost is in the Grid diagonally opposing me (the A1 Grid). I suppose in time this will change, but for now that is how the 1x1 Clan Battle Map Grid is set up.

The LEGEND (below the Map Grid) explains how to decipher the various icons you see on the Map Grid.

Clan Battles 013
THIS is a Map Grid of a 2x2 (or 2 on 2, 2 vs. 2, etc.) Clan Battle. It is a standard 5x5 Grid and I have marked it with letters A through E (representing the Grid spaces going down) and numbers 1 through 5 (representing Grid spaces going across).

In this particular Clan Battle my partner and I were occupying the LEFT side of the Map Grid (1st Clan in) and, as predictable as can be, you can bet your bippy that our opponents Main Outposts will be located exactly opposite, but diagonally of each of our Main Outposts. Again this could change (as I hope it will), but that is the set up of a 2x2 Clan Battle Map Grid as of now.

I was 1st in, so my Main Outpost is in Grid A2 and my Partner occupies Grid A4. Our opponents will be found in Grids E2 and E4 respectively (in 2x2's all Opponents are diagnoally opposite each other).

Clan Battles 014

THIS is a Map Grid of a 3x3 (or 3 on 3, 3 vs. 3, etc.) Clan Battle. Like the 2x2 it is a standard 5x5 Map Grid, marked here with letters A through E (representing Grid spaces going down) and numbers 1 through 5 (representing Grid spaces going across). The setup of where to find your opponent is a little bit different than in the 1x1 or the 2x2, but not different by much!

Iin a 3x3 Clan Battle, the occupying spaces are patterned like this:

1st in (Offense): Top LEFT Map Grid (A1) 2nd in (Offense): Bottom LEFT Map Grid (A5) 3rd in (Offense): Center LEFT Map Grid (A3)

1st in (Defense): Bottom RIGHT Map Grid (E5) 2nd in (Defense): Top RIGHT Map Grid (E1) 3rd in (Defense): Center RIGHT Map Grid (E3)

TIP: Raider Outposts on the Map Grid can be matched in their base set up by folding the Map Grid both Horizontally or Vertically. This is true no matter what type (1x1, 2x2 or 3x3) of Clan Battle you are in. So, on THIS Map, Grids B1, B5, D1 & D5 all will have the same base set ups. So will Grids B2, B4, D2 & D4. The only Post that will have no match on this Grid is the C3 Raider Post because folding the Grid Map either way will not match that Post up to any other. Again, this could change... but, as of now, this is how things are.


Clan Battles 015
Now that you have tended to your Main Colonist Outpost and have a basic understanding of the various Map Grids on the Front Line, it's time to Scout an Outpost in preparation for an Attack upon it. To do this, simply navigate your way to an adjacent available Grid Space (marked with a ?). Right Click then choose the option SCOUT LOCATION.

Clan Battles 016
From here you select which types of troops you want to Scout with. You are initially given a cache of 20 stock Soldiers (T1 Scouts/Clubbers and T2 Crushers/Vanguards). It only takes 1 unit (10 Solders) to SCOUT a Post.

NOTE: It is NOT VERY difficult to tell the difference between a T1 Scout vs. a T2 Vanguard or a T1 Clubber vs. a T2 Crusher IF you are paying attention. There is no set pattern as to how they will be displayed so DO NOT look to this screen shot as an example of how they appear in your SCOUT pop up. Simply put, T1 Soldiers are wearing lighter (tan) attire and T2 Soldiers are wearing darker (hunter green) attire. Please BE CAREFUL in choosing Soldiers here because you would not want to accidentally waste a unit of T2 Soldiers (better meant for fighting) to SCOUT a Post.

Clan Battles 017
Once the Outpost has been SCOUTED, you will see this pop up before you with the Post visibly in the background. You can opt to ATTACK it now or simply click OKAY to get an unobstructed view of the Post before deciding on what to do.

Clan Battles 018
THIS is one example of what a Raider Outpost looks like. You can opt to ATTACK NOW or simply click in the grey circular map area to be transported back to the Front Line. (THIS particular Outpost setup will be mentioned in a TIP later in this Tutorial as the BEST in which to obtain extra Omega Reactors since it only has 1 Cannon Tower).

Clan Battles 019
Back on the Front Line, you can again right click on the Raider Outpost (no longer in hiding as it has been successfully SCOUTED) and either VIEW COLONY or ATTACK the Post.

Clan Battles 020
A closer view of this ATTACK/VIEW COLONY pop up reveals a Countdown Timer. Not only does this timer tell you how long you have to actually ATTACK this Post before it again goes in to hiding, but it also tells you how long the Soldiers you chose to SCOUT that Raider Post will be 'in hold' by the Post.

Per this timer, my Scouts will be returned to me in 2h 16m 37s and I can then use them to either RE-SCOUT this Post or SCOUT another.


Clan Battles Tutorial 4: Attacking and Claiming Outposts

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