To The Front 000
Once you CREATE or JOIN a Clan Battle, you will be given the option to launch yourself to the Battlefield. This is what you will see when you first arrive.


Clan Battles 001
On the Map Grid in the upper right corner, if you see that you are on the RIGHT side of the Grid, it means that you are the Defense (or 2nd Clan to join the Battle). The Offense would be located on the LEFT side of the Map Grid.

This Grid is of a 1x1 Clan Battle set up, so I will only see one person as my Opponent.

The FIRST thing you want to do is right click on your Colony Outpost (i.e. Main Outpost) and choose option VIEW COLONY.

Clan Battles 002
THIS is your MAIN COLONIST OUTPOST. As you can see it comes pre-stocked with a T1 Main Outpost, a T2 Boulder Tower, a T2 Stone Tower, 4 T2 Walls, a T1 Plasteel Mine Pod and some Road to supply water to all the structures therein.

The FIRST thing you are going to want to do is drop a Plasteel Mine. To do this, please click on the box to the far left in the bottom bar (next to the black & gold shield).

Clan Battles 003
By clicking on the Open Box icon, you have now opened your Clan Battle Inventory. As you can see, it has tabs for PARTS, BUILDINGS and TRAPS (NOTE: Traps are really not available yet). As you can see, you are given a few stock items to start with. On the BUILDINGS tab, you want to USE the Plasteel Mine.

Clan Battles 004
Now you want to place the Plasteel Mine on the Pod as shown here. This will IMMEDIATELY start production of Plasteel at a rate of about 10 per hour. You will need Plasteel to upgrade your Colonist Outpost, as well as all of your Towers throughout the Clan Battle.

Clan Battles 005
Next you'll want to upgrade your Colonist Outpost from T1 to T2. Simply right click on the structure and choose the option UPGRADE.

Clan Battles 006
THIS will pop up to confirm your desire to UPGRADE your Colonist Outpost. Again click on UPGRADE.

Clan Battles 007
As you can see, your Colonist Outpost is now being UPGRADED.

Clan Battles 008
To complete the Upgrade, you need the following parts (which are also provided as starter stock). You can see the need for Plasteel, but you will also need Omega Reactors to upgrade your Colonist Outposts to various Tiers.

The formula to know what is needed for these upgrades is as follows:

T3 = 200 Plasteel + 2 Omega Reactors T4 = 300 Plasteel + 3 Omega Reactors T5 = 400 Plasteel + 4 Omega Reactors T6 = 500 Plasteel + 5 Omega Reactors T7 = 600 Plasteel + 6 Omega Reactors T8 = 700 Plasteel + 7 Omega Reactors T9 = 800 Plasteel + 8 Omega Reactors T10 = 900 Plasteel + 9 Omega Reactors

NOTE: You CAN NOT Tier up any higher than your current Tier level on your HOME COLONY in the regular game.

Clan Battles 009
And THIS shows how your Home Colony bar changes while in Clan Battle mode. Notice the small orange circular icon now has 2 people in it. Clicking on this icon will transport you back to the Clan Battle Front Line.

Clan Battles 010
THIS is the Clan Battles Help window. Clicking on each number (at the bottom) will give you a brief overview of functions within Clan Battles.

Clan Battles 011
THIS Bar gives you plenty of information. As you can see, I already have an opponent (in fact, he is the one who started this particular Clan Battle). If you can remember that the one who initiates the Battle is ALWAYS on the left, you'll be good to go!

On this bar you also see:

  • Clan Battle Inventory (Black Box icon) shows you what parts you have readily available, as well as structures and traps.
  • War Room (Shield icon) will pull up your Clan's War Room
  • Supply Depot (Rifles icon) will pull up your Supply Depot. This is where you go into production, ship structures and soldiers and view what has already been delivered to the front.
  • Backpack also open up your Clan Battle Inventory.
  • The Eye reveals your Footprints while on your Colonist Main Outpost or any Sub-Outposts that you have claimed.
  • The grey circular shaped Map transports you back & forth to and from your Colonist Main Outpost and the Clan Battle Frontline.
  • The small person in the orange circle transports you back and forth to your Home Colony (in the regular game) and the Clan Battle Front Line (from the Home Colony side, this icon will actually have two people in it)
  • The ? will open up the Clan Battles Help window


Clan Battles Tutorial 3: Map Grids and Scouting

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