To The Front 000

I created this CLAN BATTLES TUTORIAL as a way to help train interested members of my Clan to understand and excel at CLAN BATTLES. Though it is NOT comprehensive, it is a basic guideline as to how the CLAN BATTLES work. To date, Crowdstar has made no changes as to how the battle takes place, so all these screen shots are still worth learning something from. If this should change, I will be sure to include the changes here as well. I certainly hope this tutorial will help those who are still scratching their heads about this... or those afraid to enter the front. It's not a complicated process at all and, though these screen shots cover near about anything that can happen on the frontline, there's still plenty of room for the player (or players, in a team battle) to impose their own individual strategies... and that is something I can't cover. You truly have to feel your way through that yourself.


To The Front 001
There are two ways to get to the Clan Battle area: One is via the SUPPLY DEPOT (click on the GET IN THE FIGHT button).

To The Front 002
The second way is via the WAR ROOM (if you clicked on the GET IN THE FIGHT button in the SUPPLY DEPOT, it will take you to the WAR ROOM anyway). Once in the WAR ROOM, click on the CLAN BATTLES tab and this is what you will see. This screen shows you all on-going battles your clan mates are already involved in. It gives:

1) Name of opposing clan
2) Number of rewards offered to the winning clan
3) Type of battle (i.e. 1x1, 2x2 or 3x3)
4) Ship time (i.e. 3h, 6h, 12h or 24h)
5) How many open slots are available for new clan members to join in.


  • In the area to the right of the JOIN button, there is normally statistical info on the opposing clan that is visible if you click on the specific opposing clan's name. For some reason the game did not wish to reveal that info at this time. This could be because the battle is closed until complete, but I have never seen this happen before.
  • Though some say the rewards are better in various types of battles, generally this is only because there are more reward packages offered if there are more clan members involved in the battle (i.e. 1 reward package per clan member involved in the battle)
  • The type of battle depicted in this screen shot would be referred to as a 1x1x3 (meaning 1 on 1 with a 3 hour ship timer). The same type of shorthand applies to all other types of battles (i.e. 2x2x6 or 3x3x12, etc.)
  • In this screen shot we see that there is only 1 battle our clan is involved in. Since it is a 1x1, there are NO empty slots. But if there were any, it would show how many openings there were (i.e. 1/2 means that there is 1 open slot in a 2x2 clan battle). If this type of battle were listed here & you wanted to join, you'd simply click the JOIN button to join the battle.


To The Front 003
Here we see that a clan called Scrap heap challengers created a 1x1x3 OPEN CLAN BATTLE just 2 minutes ago. It WOULD NOT be here if it did not have an open seat for an opposing player. Again, clicking on the clan's name should have revealed statistical info to the right of the ATTACK button, but it is not showing for some unknown reason.

After reviewing this clan's statistical info, if you had wanted to join as their opposition, all you'd do is click the ATTACK button to be catapulted into this specific battle.

Now, for the purpose of this tutorial, let's hit the BACK button (which will take us back to the previous screen) so I can show you two other ways to begin a battle.


To The Front 004
1) Click in the open circle for 'Search clans' (you can see the open circle now has a green light in it)

2) Type the name of the clan you'd like to challenge (I just put 'The KANTLA Alliance' here to show you how it works) 3) Click on the CHECK button and, as you can see, clan statistics populated the area to the right (as it had not done in 2 previous screen shots)
4) After reviewing the clan statistics, if you decide that you STILL wish to challenge this clan, click to put a green check mark (as shown) in the open square to the right of the CHECK button.

Now you simply use the SHIPPING TIME & MAP SIZE drop down arrows to set the specifics for the type of battle you'd like to challenge them to (1x1x3, 2x2x6, etc.), then click the CREATE button to open the challenge to this specific clan (which will immediately get you to the option of getting to the war front).

To The Front 005
Here is KANTLA 2's Clan Stats as of this moment. I looked it up from KANTLA 1's WAR ROOM. In this I show EXACTLY how the screen should look just before you hit the CREATE button if you wanted to set up a 1x1x3 clan battle (of course I AM NOT going to enter into a Battle against my #2 Clan of Casual Only Players!).


To The Front 006
1) Click in the dot in the open circle for 'Open Match' (you can see the open circle now has a green light in it).

2) Use the drop down arrow to choose the SHIPPING TIME.

To The Front 007
3) Use the drop down arrow to choose the MAP SIZE

4) Click the CREATE button


  • In Clan Battles, points are allotted to various supplies you will be producing and shipping to the battle front.
  • The SHIP TIMER affects the amount of points you are allotted to send to the front at ship time as follows:
    • 3 hr. = 100 points
    • 6 hr. = 200 points
    • 12 hr. = 300 points
    • 24 hr. = 500 points
  • Soldiers are assigned points based on their tier level (i.e. T1 soldier = 1 pt, T2 = 2 pts., etc.). These points are assigned on a per soldier basis, so a complete unit of 10 T1 soldiers will use up 10 points against your shipped allotment.
  • Towers are assigned 20 points per tower
  • Plague Towers are assigned 35 points each
  • Sub-Outposts are assigned 50 points
  • Plasteel Mines are assigned 20 points
  • ALL WALLS are free to produce but DO use 1 point PER WALL to ship.


To The Front 008
After you have either CHALLENGED, CREATED or JOINED a Clan Battle, you will see this screen (or one similar to it). Simply click on TO THE FRONT button to launch yourself into the foray!

NOTE: It is IMPERATIVE that you and your clan mates COMMUNICATE WELL in order to organize battle strategy, ships, etc. Abandoning your partner at ship time is NOT recommended UNLESS you have discussed this IN ADVANCE. The game actually gives a very ominous tip on one of it's load up screens to attest to this. (CHOOSE YOUR ALLIES WISELY)...


Clan Battles Tutorial 2: Tend To Your Main Colonist Outpost First

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