Rise Robot RiseEdit

Ethan has returned carrying a badly wounded Ezma and pursued by robots left over from the old world. We must repel these metal invaders and tend to the wounded.

[_] Survive the Attack

Reward: 1500x Mechanics, 15x Reputation, 250x XP

Mutant Combat PatrolEdit

We were attacked by Robots. Long a bane in the old cities, it seems like they have chased Ethan and Ezma for unknown reasons. We must launch a counterattack and learn whatever we can about this new foe.

[_] Attack the MCP Outpost
[_] Destroy the MCP Outpost

Reward: 2x Mushroom

Bad NeighborsEdit

Ethan is still out with part of the militia counterattacking the Robots, but we've received a call for help from the Ash Bear tribe. They're under attack by mutants!

[_] Attack the Tribe Outskirts
[_] Cleanse the Infestation

Reward: 1x Bicycle Spokes

The Omega City Shuffle pt. 1Edit

Ethan has a plan to turn the Robots and Mutants full attention on one another. The first step is to attack a Robot facility with broadcast ability, and then have Sparky try to reprogram the MCP's objectives.

[_] Attack the MCP Compund
[_] Destroy the MCP Compound

Reward: 2x Metal Tubes

The Omega City Shuffle pt. 2Edit

Madison has gone to deal with the Robots, now it's Ethan's turn to rile up the Mutants by making it look like the MCP has destroyed a Mutant hive.

[_] Attack the Mutant Hive
[_] Destroy the Mutant Hive

Reward: 1x Propane Tank

Icarus DeniedEdit

The Oss Icarus was an Ark-Class colony ship that never made it starside. It's wrecked hull contains many valuable technologies, including hopefully some computers we can use to take control of the MCP forces. We just have to clear out the Tribals blocking the way first...

[_] Attack the Icarus Village
[_] Destroy the Tribal Village

Reward: 800x Mechanical, x Old Data Discs, 1x Data Pad

Eagle and HawkEdit

Ethan recalls hearing something about "Mercane" years ago in a place called Barterville. Head out there and see if anyone knows anything about this mysterious person or group..

[_] Visit Barterville

Reward: N/A

Rock and Sock the RobotsEdit

We've made a deal with a mysterious man named Ying to destroy a large robot base in the wasteland in exchange for information about Mercane. Hopefully this works out in our favor.

[_] Attack the MCP Hub
[_] Wipe out the MCP Hub

Reward:900x Biologic, 900x Mineral, 900x Mechanical, 10x Gold


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