Death from Above!Edit

The Skaard have maintained their presence in our area by using a massive supply depot. Thanks to some captured intel we know its location and that it is heavily mined. We can build some aircraft to fly over the minefield in the scrapyard.

[_] Build 5 Hornets in the Scrapyard

Reward: 650BIO, 650MECH

Bombs away!Edit

The Skaard's main supply depot is vulnerable to attacks from the air. Let's deploy our new flyers and destroy it!

[_] Attack the supply depot

[_] Destroy the supply depot

Reward: Gunpowder

Closing time!Edit

The final Skaard outpost has been found. They're once again using an old diner. It's time to eliminate this outpost and move on to hitting major targets.

[_] Attack the Skaard scouts

[_] Destroy the scout outpost

Reward: 850 MINERAL, 500 XP

Landale's Grave!Edit

The Skaard have been such a danger because they posessed weapons more advanced than any other raider gang. Now we know they were getting these weapons from a crashed Omega Ark. If we destroy their base near the wreck, we can cut off their supply.

[_] Attack the Crash site

[_] Destroy the Skaard base

Reward: 2 Metal Tubes

The Mountain Enclave!Edit

On our march to the City of Scars there are two large Skaard fortresses we need to destroy. The first is located in the mountains.

[_] Attack the Crash site

[_] Destroy the Skaard base

Reward: 1 Energy Cell

Levels of Pain!Edit

There is one large Skaard base remaining before we assault the City of Scars. If we take it down there will be nowhere else for the Skaard to hide.

[_] Attack the Skaard Fortress

[_] Destroy the Skaard Fortress

Reward: 2 Armor Plates

Echoes of the Past!Edit

We have been attacked by Chain and the Skaard. Clearly they're desperate, we just need to hold out and trust in our defences.

[_] Survive the attack

Reward: nothing

Requiem for Innocence!Edit

The time has come. The Skaard are pushed back to the City of Scars--their final stronghold. If we destroy it, we end the threat of the Skaard once and for all.

[_] Attack the City of Scars

[_] Destroy the City of Scars

Reward: 1600 BIO, 1600 MINERAL, 1600 MECH, 10 Gold

Next Chapter: Chapter 17

Quest Journal (All Chapters): Quest Journal

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