End of the LineEdit

With the Omega master key in our possession, We are able to strike at the MCP and issue new orders to their forces. the only thing left is to infiltrate a MCP facility and upload the data.

  • Attack the MCP command facility
  • Destroy the Uplink towers

Rewards: 850 minerals, 950 Mechanical, 1 bicycle spoke.

The Writhing strainEdit

Ezma's located the alpha mutant of what we've termed the "Writhing" strain of the mutants. Hopefully if we kill it we will deal a major blow to encroaching mutant threat.

  • Attack the writhing colony
  • Cleanse the infestation

Rewards: 1 propane gas tank, 1 diamond saw blade, 1 rope

Research and developmentEdit

Madison was successful and has brought back a merchant named "ying" who clains he has a way to stop the mutants. First though, he needs adequate space to undertake the R&D for the retrovirus.

  • Have atleast 3 T5 or greater refineries.
  • Have atleast 11 refineries.

Rewards: 2 electric motors, 2 wooden planks

The Fallen groundEdit

We need to search omega fallout shelters for this "Pure virus strain", we can start with the one we know in the ruins of the old city while madison searches for others.

  • Attack the city ruins
  • Break open the Omega shelter

Rewards: 1 old book, 1 omniweave tritanium

Bludskull BattleEdit

The next Omega shelter we need to search has a bunch of raiders called the "bludskull gang" squatting in it, we need to clear them out and search the shelter.

  • Attack the bludskull bario
  • Destroy the Bludskull Gang

Rewards: 1 Omniweave tritanium, 3 nuts n Bolts

Mountain enclaveEdit

The last Omega shelter that we know about was located in the mountains to the west. Its about time we head up there and search it.

  • Attack the Tribal Enclave
  • Search the Omega shelter

Rewards: 1 wrench  6 of...something  1 O-phone

The Final waveEdit

We're on the cusp of creating the retrovirus to destroy the writhing strain of mutants and they know it. they've launched an all out attack to try and stop us.

  • Survive the Attack!

Rewards: None

Death KnellEdit

We have a retrovirus that can destroy the Writhing mutant strain that's been attacking us for months. It's time to hit the center of their advance and destroy them once and for all.

  • Attack the Writhing Center
  • Destroy the Writhing Center

Rewards: 1200 Biological, 1200 Mineral, 1200 mechanical 10 Gold

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