Expanding ColonyEdit

With Ezma and the militia out trying to rescue Ethan and Ashlen from the Skaard, Now is a good time to start upgrrading the colony. Housing and food are always paramount concerns, so thats a good place to start.

  • Have atleast 3 T5 Houses
  • Have atleast 3 T5 Farms

Reward: 2 Mutant hides, 2 Propane tanks, 1 Electric motor

Colony of IndustryEdit

Since Ezma isn't back yet, we should continue to upgrade our infastructure by upgrading our warehouses and refineries.

  • Have atleast 2 T5 or higher warehouses
  • Have atleast a T5 well

Reward: 2 Nuts and bolts, 2 wrenches

The First WaveEdit

We are under attack by Mutants! Defend the Colony!

  • Survive the Attack!

Rewards: None

Tower TownEdit

More Mutants are on the horizon, We just have enough time to tighten up our defenses right before they get here!

  • Have atleast 4 T5 Towers

Reward: None

The Second WaveEdit

The Second wave of mutants is Coming! Hopefully our new towers can do the job!

  • Survive the Attack!

Reward: None

The Third waveEdit

The Mutants are massing for a final assault, Hold the line and defend the colony!

  • Survive the Attack!

Reward: None

Just Like Old TimesEdit

Ezma followed the Alpha mutant when it fled, and now we know where their attacks were staged from. hit them back and destroy their hive!

  • Destroy the Writhing Hive
  • Attack the Writhing Hive

Reward: 2 Mushroom

Lucky BreakEdit

We've recieved a mysterious signal directing us to an old office complex in the city ruins. Hopefully it isn't a trap...

  • View the Signal Orgin

What About Stan?Edit

We need to tap into MCP's network to find out where Stan Wenkel, Omega's First CEO was buried. with his genetic data we can take control of the MCP once and for all.

  • Attack the MCP Production Yard
  • Destroy the Assemblers andInactive Robots

Reward: 800 Biological, 650 Mineral, 900 Mechanical

Where the End BeganEdit

Stanley Wenkel, The first CEO of Omega was interred in stasis at a amusement park meant to showcase Omega's technology. All we need to do is clear out the mutants and get his corpse, sounds easy enough...

  • Visit Omega Park
  • Cleanse the Infestation and Secure Stan Wenkal

Rewards: 1100 Biological, 1100 Mineral, 1100 Mechanical, 10 Gold.

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