Less Mutants is BetterEdit

While we face multiple threats simultaneously, a decision has been made to focus on the mutants for the moment because they represent the greatest threat. Destroying the mutant hives should be a good first step towards buying the colony time to upgrade.

  • Destroy the Infested Colony
  • Destroy the Mutant Nest
  • Destroy the Mutant Highway

Reward: 1 Electric Motor, 1 Old Data Disc

Bad News, DudeEdit

Ezma has awakened, but bears terrible news. The Skaard Raider Gang has survived. Upgrade the Town Hall to Tier 5 to ensure preparedness should they try to get Ezma back.

Reward: Mechanical x2500

Wasteland SaintsEdit

While Ezma deals with her bruised ego and recovers from her wounds Ethan has realized the need for stronger troops. To this end, Ivan has undertaken efforts to upgrade the barracks.

  • Research Cement Mixing (T5 House)
  • Have a T5 House
  • Research Unit Coherence (T5 Barracks)
  • Have a T5 Barracks

Reward: 2500 Biological, 2500 Mineral, 2500 Mechanical

New Coat of PaintEdit

With the colony reaching a new height of technology it's become necessary to tend to the rest of the colony besides the military needs.

  • Have atleast 64 T5 wall segments.
  • Have atleast 2 T5 Farms.

Reward: 6 Mushrooms

Mutant ManiaEdit

Now that the colony is upgraded there is only one remaining nearby mutant colony of significant size. We should make sure the militia is ready to go destroy it.

  • Attack the infested town
  • Destroy the infested colony

Reward: 2 Bicycle Spokes

Home Sweet HiveEdit

The Talking mutant has resurfaced, and has led us to a massive, heavily defended mutant hive. We need to cut our way through the mutants and destroy the capillary towers before they bloom and release their spores into the surrounding areas.

  • Attack the infested ruins
  • Defeat the mutant army and destroy the infestation

Reward: 1 Bicycle spoke, 1 Propane tank

Pretty Clever... for RaidersEdit

We are under attack by raiders! This must be the Skaard! We must hold out and drive them back!

  • Survive the Attack!

Reward: 4 Tires, 1 Spring

Head Pirate in chargeEdit

The Skaard kidnapped Ethan and Ashlen, and its fallen to Ezma, of all people, to lead the charge and get them back. But to do that, she's going to need something fast....

  • Build a Corsair in the Scrapyard
  • Train At least 20 units.

Reward: 850 Biological, 950 Mineral, 1500 Mechanical

Yo ho, Yo ho!Edit

The Skaard will be slow to retreat with so many heavily armored vehicles. Catch up to them and get Ethan and Ashlen back!

  • Attack the Skaard Outpost.
  • Destroy the Skaard Outpost.

Reward: 1000 Biological, 1000 Mineral, 1000 Mechanical, 10 gold

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