• Deantwo

    New leadership request

    January 28, 2013 by Deantwo

    the founders/admins of this Wiki haven't been around for about one and a half year... and it's about time some cleaning up is done around here ^^;

    the Wikia adoption guidelines say that i should post about this and ask the rest of you guys... so yeah ^^;

    i have been on this wiki soon a year... and have made/added a lot... i am also pretty good at wiki code and i am an admin on a non-Wikia aswell ( so i am up for the job ^^

    what do you guys think?

    EDIT: i have just made the Adoption Request - Deantwo (Talk, Blog) 18:51, February 5, 2013 (UTC)

    EDIT2: ok i have Adopted the wiki now... so i'll be editing a few of the main page things and navigation here soon ^^ poke me if there's anything or if you have ideas - Deantwo (Talk, B…

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  • Wasteland Wench

    Just want to pass on the news of the new Clan Battles Tutorial pages I created. All 7 Pages can be followed in the following Categories:

    Clan Battles Guide

    Clan Battles Tutorial

    Clan Battles Walk-Thru


    I worked on it ALL DAY LONG and hope you all find it to be VERY HELPFUL! This is my first attempt at creating Wiki pages, so I hope I did everything correctly! - Wasteland Wench (talk) 04:37, December 14, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Wasteland Wench

    Just a shout out...

    December 12, 2012 by Wasteland Wench

    Okay, I am new to this whole Blog idea. Been so busy throwing up pics & editing info that I never even knew there was a Community Blog. Anyway, I notice that the last Blog post was done way back in June or July. I'm guessing I am not the only one who had no idea about a Community Blog... Just wanting to say hi, though. Can't wrap my mind around saying anything else at the moment... But when I think of something, you can bet your bippy I'll be saying it here! - WW ;-)

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  • Deantwo

    doing your time through this game you'll have some bottlenecks when it comes to items... i'll try to list some of them here so people know what to look out for... and maybe how to avoid some of them...

    Recycled Wires is the first item you'll notice that you never have enough of... but this is only true for the first few Tiers... asking your friends to gift you Recycled Wires will really hurt you later in the game!

    once you get to the to the Story Missions with the Tribals you'll be swimming in Recycled Wires... so any Recycled Wires you were gifted by friends will be a lose when you think about all the other items that you can only get through gifts that you didn't get

    one way you can get some more Recycled Wires at the early stages of the game is t…

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  • Deantwo

    please correct me if any of these numbers aren't correct... need them to be down to the seconds

    starting at tier 7, the refineries stop generating more resources per minute than the previous tiers...

    meaning that if you collect your resources from the refineries every hour (on the dot)... it wouldn't be worth it to upgrade them passed tier 6

    Refinery Tier Maximum Minutes till full Resources/Minute Compared
    Tier 1 50 15.00 minutes 3.330 per minute
    Tier 2 100 20.00 minutes 5.000 per minute +1.667
    Tier 3 200 30.00 minutes 6.667 per minute +1.667
    Tier 4 330 40.00 minutes 8.250 per minute +1.583
    Tier 5 500 50.00 minutes 10.000 per minute +1.750
    Tier 6 700 60.00 minutes 11.667 per minute +1.190
    Tier 7 900 77.13 minutes 11.668 per minute +0.001
    Tier 8 1000 85.70 minutes 11.669 per minute +…

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  • Feemer


    May 23, 2012 by Feemer

    To anyone who reads this. It is okay to edit my pages to make them look like the rest of the pages on the site, just don't freaking mess them up!.. end of blog

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  • Khyryl

    I have noticed under the tower section most of the info are outdated (misleading attributes) and some photos missing, so I took the liberty to correct them and add the missing photos (will add more next time)

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  • Fanderey

    Tier 10

    February 21, 2012 by Fanderey

    Finally got Research for Tier 10 Housing finished today (Prefabricated Housing), now it's just a matter of waiting out the upgrade for the first house (8h 53m /groan) before I can start the next research project : Tier 10 Barracks (Blitz tactics, about a week to get done, with research and upgrading the actual building /doube groan).

    There was a post on the forums detailing just how many damned Omiweave Tritanium pieces you need to fully upgrade all buildings to Tier 10, it's well above one thousand of them.. so Tier 10 will probably take about double the amount Tier 9 took.

    If the rumor that Tier 10 is the last Tier, then I suppose it makes sense to drag it out as long as possible, I hope it's not true though, I kind of like the idea of con…

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  • Brianray1976

    Hey guys this blog is so i can keep everyone informed of what updates are happening here or any reletive news that needs to be passed on to everyone :)

    Update to Wikia page Wasteland Empires:

    1. Changed whole background and the whole look of this wikia.

    2. Added a new wikia page under "Buildings" upon a user suggestion called:

    Special "Coming Soon" Buildings

    3. Added some of the names of the buildings in this page go check it out folks.

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