Artillery strike

Used in attack. Artillery strikes can be used before the troops come in.

Artillery strikes are very useful items during combat, for they can blow up stuff...

there you can click on the picture and proceed to blow them up WITH MISSLES! but you can only use one (ah man i was gonna blow them up mutiple times). So use it wisely... it can even blow up the town hall!.. do note that they require 5 Propane Tanks, 20 Tank Rounds, 1 Target Dummy, 1 Plastic Explosive and a tier 7 town hall, and scrapyard...

the Artillery strikes are used from the same menu as Spawners.

How to useEdit

Spawner Tab

CallIn/Spawn Tab
(got a better name for it?)

  • Open the CallIn/Spawn menu by clicking the little white button with the arrow on it. You'll find it on the left side of your screen right above your active quests.
  • After that you must select the missle, and then you click use. Which gets you a target... bullseye... thing...
  • You just then click somewhere on the map to shoot the missle there and...
  • KA-BOOM!!! anything in that area is blown up and you may or may not profit from it... depending on where you shoot
  • you only get one shot each attack so use it wisely

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